Lewis Hamilton And George Russell Take Over The Mercedes-AMG One

Giancarlo Perlas September 8, 2023

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell recently took a break from the Formula 1 racetrack to test drive a fleet of high-performance Mercedes-AMG vehicles. This captivating event unfolded at the expansive Mercedes-Benz Test Track in Immendingen, Baden-Württemberg. The duo, representing Mercedes-AMG Petronas, showcased the brand’s commitment to electrification while pushing these powerful machines to their limits.

AMG One Hypercar and Formula 1 Connection

The key highlight of the diverse lineup of high-performance cars bearing the three-pointed star emblem was the remarkable AMG One hypercar, equipped with a potent 1.6-liter V6 engine infused with Formula 1 technology. This hybrid powerhouse generates an astounding 1,049 horsepower, cementing its status as the reigning Nürburgring production car champion. With a mere 275 units in production, it’s a rare gem in the automotive world.

Diverse Lineup of AMG Models

The event also featured a wide range of AMG models, including the electrified C63 S E Performance and S63 E Performance sedans, highlighting Mercedes-AMG’s shift towards plug-in hybrid powertrains. These models bring together performance and sustainability in a unique way, setting the stage for a new era in high-performance vehicles.

Thrilling Challenges on the Track

Hamilton and Russell engaged in a series of adrenaline-pumping challenges in the video by Mercedes-AMG. In the slalom test, they maneuvered the AMG One hypercar, showcasing its agility and precision with a seven-speed automated manual transmission. The testing facility also witnessed a captivating drift challenge, where Hamilton commandeered the all-wheel-drive AMG GT coupe, and Russell took the wheel of the four-cylinder C63.

The Playground: Immendingen’s Automotive Oasis

The “Playground” where this exhilarating event unfolded is none other than the Mercedes-Benz Test Track in Immendingen. This vast facility spans 520 hectares and boasts 30 distinct test tracks, totaling an impressive 42 miles (68 kilometers) of varied terrain. It serves as a proving ground for the latest automotive innovations, making it the perfect backdrop for showcasing the electrified future of Mercedes-AMG.

Final Thoughts

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s thrilling drive with Mercedes-AMG unveiled a dynamic lineup of high-performance vehicles, including the iconic AMG One hypercar. The event demonstrated the brand’s embrace of electrification while providing a glimpse into the electrified future of this legendary automotive brand.

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