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What the Slogan “The Best or Nothing” Means for Mercedes-Benz

What does the slogan “the best or nothing” mean for Mercedes-Benz? Here’s a quick look at the history of the slogan and how it translates to the product strategy of the brand in the past and present. “The best or nothing” has been the Mercedes-Benz battle cry for over a century. The phrase was first coined in an advertising campaign in 1902 wherein it perfectly encapsulated the brand’s philosophy of offering only the very best products to its customers, which is relevant up to this day. This no-nonsense commitment to quality has helped make Mercedes one of the most successful and respected automotive brands in the world for more than… Continue Reading »


How the Dieselgate Scandal Changed the Automotive Landscape

In September 2015, Volkswagen admitted to cheating on US emissions tests for some of its diesel cars. The scandal, known as “Dieselgate,” sent shockwaves through the automotive industry and raised serious questions about the future of diesel technology. In the wake of the scandal, many automakers have abandoned plans to sell diesel cars in the United States. Volkswagen itself has stopped selling diesel cars in the US market and has instead focused on electric vehicles. It also led to the resignation of its then-CEO Martin Winterkorn and over $20 billion in fines as well as on- and off-court settlements. The Dieselgate scandal has also led to stricter emissions standards for… Continue Reading »


Daimler AG Renamed to Mercedes-Benz Group AG

After the successful stock market debut of Daimler Truck Holding, Daimler AG has rebranded itself as Mercedes-Benz Group AG.  The name change is in line with the company’s renewed focus on the Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, and Mercedes-Benz EQ brands to respond to the changing environment of the automotive industry, especially in its push towards electrification. According to CEO Ola Kaellenius, the renaming reflects the brand’s new strategic focus. The boss said that the new name makes clear the core of the company, which is anchored on building the most desirable cars in the world. Along with the new company identity is the renaming of Daimler Mobility AG to Mercedes-Benz Mobility… Continue Reading »


More Delays in Mercedes-Benz Deliveries Loom Due to Chip Shortage

Mercedes-Benz is yet to resolve the hullabaloo involving its V8 engines but it seems like another trouble is brewing up ahead. This time, the company is experiencing a chip shortage. The issue is projected to delay deliveries by more than a year. Whether it is quantity or quality issues, Mercedes has a lot on its plate right now due to its V8 shortage, which could suspend the deliveries of top trim Benz, AMG, and Maybach models in the coming year. A chip shortage, on the other hand, could spell a worse scenario as they are essential components in the assembly line of its vehicles, especially the electrified units. Daimler CEO… Continue Reading »


Mercedes V8 Engines Suffer Quality Issues, Not Supply Problems

Previously, news leaked that Mercedes is suffering supply problems in its V8 engines. Therefore, some models bearing the power unit are in danger of getting their production and deliveries suspended by 2022. However, a new twist to the story recently surfaced saying that the issue stems from the quality of the products, and not in their quantity. Road & Track cited AMG boss Philipp Scheimer as the source of the information that the cause of the temporary cancellation of the models equipped with V8 is due to a “quality issue”. According to the report, the exec would not elaborate on the specifics of the issue but he did mention that… Continue Reading »


Aston Martin Not Worried About Mercedes’ V8 Shortage

Mercedes-Benz is apparently having supply chain problems that have resulted in the shortage of V8 engines for its luxury and sports vehicles. Despite the setback, the company still has other power units that should keep its other models going. However, there are concerns about other automakers that rely on the three-pointed star marque’s engines particularly Aston Martin. At present, the Vantage, DB11 and DBX models of the British brand all use 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engines sourced from the German automaker. The same M177 power unit is in short supply right now, which supposedly led Mercedes to suspend the production of the GLE 580, GLS 580, and G550 Benz models; the… Continue Reading »


Supply Issues May Lead to V8 Shortage for Mercedes-Benz

There was a sigh of relief when the V12 resurfaced in the Mercedes-Maybach S680, but there’s still something worse looming in the Mercedes-Benz brand. There are brewing rumors that the V8 engines of the company are in danger of running out. According to a Reddit post by bsw1234, global supply chain issues may result in the suspension of nearly all trims within the three-pointed star marque bearing the V8 engine. The documentation provided to the moderators of the r/cars thread said that the following will be the casualties of the unfortunate turn of events: Benz models like the GLE 580, GLS 580, and G 550 AMG models such as the… Continue Reading »


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