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Mercedes-AMG ONE For Sale To The Tune Of $5.4M

One sample of the Mercedes-AMG ONE is already being resold just a year after the model’s delivery to customers started last year. The hypercar can be found in a Dubai car dealership and its pricing is only available through direct inquiry. Asking Price According to a report by Hypebeast, the asking price for the Mercedes-AMG ONE in question is $5.4 million. Although it’s not mentioned how they got the numbers, we presume they inquired about it. If this is the case, the figures are now double the pre-order price of the hypercar at $2.4 million. Key Features of the Mercedes-AMG ONE The Mercedes-AMG ONE seamlessly bridges the gap between Formula… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG One Gets A 1:18 Scale Motorized Building Blocks Replica

The Mercedes-AMG One is a very rare specimen in the offerings of the three-pointed star marque. With only 275 units ever made and have found their way into collectors as well as a $2.75 million price tag, it is no longer within reach of buyers. Despite that, the hypercar developed a major fanbase that’s why it was also featured in video games, and now, it’s available in 1:18 scale from CaDa. The Mercedes-AMG One by CaDa The Mercedes-AMG One collectible by CaDa, consisting of 3,295 meticulously designed interlocking building blocks, stands as a tribute to the original super sports car. It features the vehicle’s iconic longitudinal fin, retractable rear wing,… Continue Reading »


Lewis Hamilton And George Russell Take Over The Mercedes-AMG One

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell recently took a break from the Formula 1 racetrack to test drive a fleet of high-performance Mercedes-AMG vehicles. This captivating event unfolded at the expansive Mercedes-Benz Test Track in Immendingen, Baden-Württemberg. The duo, representing Mercedes-AMG Petronas, showcased the brand’s commitment to electrification while pushing these powerful machines to their limits. AMG One Hypercar and Formula 1 Connection The key highlight of the diverse lineup of high-performance cars bearing the three-pointed star emblem was the remarkable AMG One hypercar, equipped with a potent 1.6-liter V6 engine infused with Formula 1 technology. This hybrid powerhouse generates an astounding 1,049 horsepower, cementing its status as the reigning Nürburgring… Continue Reading »


Flames Engulf Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar: Investigation Underway

In a devastating incident on the M6 motorway in Staffordshire, a Mercedes-AMG One was engulfed in flames during transport. The incident occurred on May 17 at around 5 AM, leaving the high-performance vehicle reduced to ashes. As investigations continue, speculations arise regarding the cause of the fire. With its production marred by delays, this setback adds further complications to the hypercar’s journey as it’s now one unit less than its 275 limited units. A Long-Awaited Production After facing several challenges during its development that resulted in years of delay, the AMG One finally entered production in August 2022. The aim was to create only 275 units of this remarkable hypercar…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG One Shatters Production Car Lap Record at Monza

Mercedes-AMG One, a road-legal hypercar packing an F1 engine technology, has set a new record for the fastest production car lap time at Italy’s Monza circuit. The new lap time for the Mercedes hypercar was set this month by AMG works driver Maro Engel, who completed the circuit in 1.43.902s. The time was approximately 11 seconds faster than the previous record set by a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. However, it was still 23 seconds shy of breaking the pole set by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc last year. Key Specifications Engineers at Affalterbach have developed the AMG One with incredible specifications, including an electronically-limited top speed of 352 km/h, a 1.6-liter V6… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG One Captures a Nurburgring Record

After setting records with the Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door and the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, racing driver and AMG brand ambassador Maro Engel took another shot at glory with the new Mercedes-AMG One. Topping at a whopping 210 mph, the AMG One completed one lap of the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring in just six minutes and 35.183 seconds. In comparison, that is around eight seconds faster than the record set by the Porsche 911 GT2 RS with the Manthey Performance Kit and 22 seconds faster than the Porsche 918 Spyder. To maximize its limited time on the track, AMG used two units of the hypercar. These were consequently checked and documented by TUV… Continue Reading »


Here’s How Each Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar is Made

After so much delay, the Mercedes-AMG One is finally green-lit for delivery to customers. In keeping up with AMG’s tradition of hand-building its own engines, the hypercar is manually assembled by hand in the company’s facility in Coventry, UK. Likewise, the V6 engine and four electric motors of the are put together by hand in Brixworth where the Mercedes F1 cars are made. In a procedure compared by AMG to the manufacture of high-end timepieces, each and every car must pass through 16 assembly and testing stations. The creation of each One hypercar involves more than 50 individuals. After construction is completed, the electric vehicle is rolled-out at a nearby… Continue Reading »


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