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This Mercedes-Benz S-Class has Completely Turned to the Dark Side

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is already a standout as it is. And sometimes, giving it a custom look either makes it or breaks it. Unfortunately, many tuners often head out for the latter, especially if the modifications are deemed too excessive and not done in a tasteful manner. That’s not the case with this one though. Recently, the platinum_group on Instagram shared their new project based on the 2022 Mercedes-Benz S580. It features an all-dark, sinister-looking body kit that includes a black satin finish with matching heavily-tinted windows. The mods also include the custom front grille, front lip spoiler, huge air intakes on the front bumpers, side skirts, subtle duck-tail spoiler… Continue Reading »


Here’s How Each Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar is Made

After so much delay, the Mercedes-AMG One is finally green-lit for delivery to customers. In keeping up with AMG’s tradition of hand-building its own engines, the hypercar is manually assembled by hand in the company’s facility in Coventry, UK. Likewise, the V6 engine and four electric motors of the are put together by hand in Brixworth where the Mercedes F1 cars are made. In a procedure compared by AMG to the manufacture of high-end timepieces, each and every car must pass through 16 assembly and testing stations. The creation of each One hypercar involves more than 50 individuals. After construction is completed, the electric vehicle is rolled-out at a nearby… Continue Reading »


In a Mercedes Car Accident? Here’s What To Do

Were you recently involved in a Mercedes car accident? Or, perhaps you recently purchased your dream car, and now have anxiety about possibly getting into an accident. It is very important that you understand what to do after an accident so that there are no further complications. We asked the Denver car accident lawyers at Varner Faddis Elite Legal to provide us with some advice on the necessary steps you should take after a Mercedes car accident. Step 1: Assess the Injuries and Damage After the accident, you should immediately check your injuries and those of other people involved in the crash. If someone has been injured, call 911 immediately…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes Not Starting: Here are Things You Should Do

If your Mercedes fails to start, it can be a real hassle. There are a few possible causes for the problem, and their solutions vary depending on the particular issue. Here are some general tips for troubleshooting a Mercedes not starting: First, check the engine oil level and top it up if necessary. Low oil can cause an engine to fail to start. Then, make sure that the fuel tank is at least half full. Running out of fuel can prevent an engine from starting. Another possibility is that the battery is dead or too low on power to start the engine. If this is the case, you can try… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Battery not Charging: Here’s What You Should Do

If your Mercedes car battery isn’t properly charging, it could be due to a number of reasons. Common symptoms of a battery not charging include the engine not starting, dim headlights, and the dashboard lights flickering. There are a few things you can do to try and fix the Mercedes battery not charging problem yourself. First, check the battery terminals to make sure they’re clean and free of corrosion. If they are, try resetting the car’s computer by disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting it. In some cases, you may need to replace the battery entirely. This is usually only necessary if it’s old and no longer holding a charge…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes Fuel Injector Issue: Common Symptoms and Solutions

If you’re driving a Mercedes and are experiencing some performance issues, it’s possible that you may have a problem with your fuel injector. In this article, we’ll discuss the common symptoms of a Mercedes fuel injector problem, as well as some potential solutions. So, if you’re noticing problems including difficulty starting the engine, poor acceleration, decreased fuel economy, or black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, then it’s likely that you need to have your fuel injectors serviced. A Closer Look at the Symptoms First off, if you’re experiencing difficulty starting the engine, it could be due to a faulty fuel injector. This is because the injector is responsible for… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Engine Bogging: Common Causes and Solution

If you’re driving a Mercedes-Benz and its engine appears to be bogging or not performing as well as it should, there are a few common causes that you need to be aware of. In this article, we’ll go over the most likely reasons your car engine might be bogging, as well as what you can do to fix the problem to prevent it from getting out of hand. The symptoms of Mercedes engine bogging can vary, but it usually includes a decrease in power and performance, as well as a hesitation or jerking motion when you try to accelerate. If your engine is bogging, it’s important to figure out the… Continue Reading »


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