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Mercedes-Benz Upcoming Seventh-Generation S-Class

After pictures of the seventh generation Mercedes S-class limo appeared on Instagram earlier in March, fans have eagerly waited to see the official unveiling of the car. The hybrid-only limo is among the most awaited cars in 2020, promising some great upgrades from previous versions. Even better, the German automaker decided to give the fans a sneak preview in a single picture late last month. Besides giving the fans a preview of the S-class limo, Mercedes confirmed that the flagship car would make its debut to the world during the second half of the year as originally scheduled. That’s despite recent rumors suggesting that the car’s world premiere might be… Continue Reading »


How Much Is A Mercedes Insurance

Mercedes-Benz continues to be one of the top-selling luxury cars on the market, with millions of sales each year. So naturally, the search for auto insurance for them is a journey that many drivers share. Car insurance costs around $1,674 annually. However, this is more so the case for the average driver. How much a driver pays for Mercedes insurance is dependent on a variety of factors, including driver details and the type of vehicle and model they want to insure. Driver details can include age, driving history, and even credit score, while the vehicle details are its make and model. What do Mercedes Drivers Pay For Car Insurance? The… Continue Reading »


Practical Tips for Renting Your Next Mercedes Vehicle

Having a dependable Mercedes vehicle rental can be a boon to any traveler. In addition to saving you the hassle of adapting to local public transit schedules, a reliable rental can help you conserve your financial resources by eliminating rideshare fees. However, as anyone who regularly rents vehicles can attest, car rental services are far from a “one size fits all” affair. While some services are perfectly accommodating, others make the rental process as needlessly complex and unpleasant as possible. To help ensure that you don’t get stuck with a lemon or incur hefty fees, put the following pointers to good use. Do Comparison Shopping As is the case with… Continue Reading »


How to Earn for a Mercedes-Benz: 7 Easy Ways for Students

Every student dreams about their own car as it makes life much more comfortable. With a car, you can travel anywhere you want on holiday, without being dependent on trains and buses. It also allows you to have a great social life since you can party until midnight or visit your friends living in a distant area without worrying how to get home. A car makes the pace of your life faster, so you can do more things than usual. Whether you need to go shopping or visit a gym, you can spend less time going to your destination. As you see, having a car is really beneficial for students…. Continue Reading »


The New Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV is Worth Four AMG GT Sports Cars

If you got €423,066.22 or $488,412 to blow this Christmas, better add the new Brabus Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV to your wishlist now. That’s about the price of three new stock Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUVs or four new Mercedes-AMG GT sports cars already, but if you want ultra-luxury and power in the same vehicle, you will probably have the bang for your buck on this one. Brabus refers to this one as a “refined luxury supercar”, because why not? It has the opulence of Maybach and the power of a range-topping AMG. Thanks to the Brabus 800 tuning kit that includes a plug-and-play control module and twin-turbo upgrades, the Maybach GLS here… Continue Reading »


Seven-Seater Mercedes-Benz EQB Electric SUV Launched

More details about the new Mercedes-Benz EQB were finally released. The three-pointed star marque also confirmed the arrival of the electric compact SUV in European dealerships next year. The new electric SUV follows the nomenclature under Mercedes’ EQ sub-brand. As its name indicates, the auto is the full-electric sibling of the gasoline-fed GLB. That means the EQB follows the maximum seven-seating capacity of its counterpart too. However, it should be noted that the electric SUV only comes with five seats as standard, and the third-row seats are optional. Despite the close relationship of the GLB and the EQB, the latter distances itself from its fuel-fed relative with its more aerodynamic… Continue Reading »


Check Out This Recently Auctioned Pagani Zonda R Evolution

The Pagani Zonda R  Evolution is considered to be the masterpiece of the famed Horacio Pagani. Thus, it is ultra-expensive and super rare. It is estimated that only 10 to 15 samples of the super coupe were launched in the market from 2009 to 2011. One of them, which was claimed to be the 5th to be rolled out from the production line, was recently auctioned by RM Sotheby’s for an undisclosed amount. The Zonda R is basically a track-focused modification of the road-legal Zonda F. However, Pagani claims that the two only have 10% common parts. Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton happens to own a commissioned variant of the… Continue Reading »


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