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Useful Tips to Help Build a Career at Mercedes After Graduation

Nobody knows how difficult it is to rebuild one’s reputation better than someone from the automobile industry. Despite the significant changes in this business and dealership environment, some people still associate a job in auto sales with long working hours and tough negotiations. However, the car retail industry is no longer what it once was. For job hunters, there are now a variety of fresh and exciting possibilities. As a consequence, many dealerships such as Mercedes have begun to place a higher value on interaction and tech skills than on the conventional hard closing approaches used by car salespeople. Dealers have been bringing on applicants with excellent interpersonal skills and… Continue Reading »


AZUTO – Designing a custom cup holder for Mercedes G-Class

AZUTO specializes in creating high-quality products designed specifically for Mercedes G-Class. The Japan-based company’s products are carefully crafted to work and appear as genuine accessories for vehicles bearing the three-pointed star logo. G-Class offers great utility as a vehicle but it could also use more cup holders.  AZUTO cup holder is designed specifically for the G-Class to match the design of the interior.  Unlike generic cup holders, it uses an installation kit to ensure a perfect fit and to make sure that it attaches flush against the vent. We had a chance to interview Rio Izumikawa who is a Senior Manager for the company’s Product Development Department and asked him… Continue Reading »


4 Money-Saving Tips for Mercedes Car Owners

Insurance, Maintenance, Parking, and Fuel Owning a car is undoubtedly a substantial financial commitment. However, there are some steps that all car owners can take to help them reduce their monthly bills. Take a look at some of these money-saving tips below for some inspiration. It’s time to stop overpaying for your vehicle. Look For Cost-Effective Gas Although it is convenient to fill up your car at your nearest gas station, it can often help to shop around. As you walk, cycle or drive around your local area, make sure to take a mental note of the gas price across a few stations. Doing so – will help you shave… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Maybach S650 Receives a Near-900 HP Boost from Brabus

The Mercedes-Maybach S650 is a car fit for a statesman. It is more opulent than the standard Mercedes and its power is comparable to AMG cars. Once again seeing more room for improvement in the already ultra-luxurious features of the auto, Brabus gave it more power and cosmetic upgrades. Starting in the engine department, the stock Maybach S650 is already capable of producing 621 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque coming from its 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12. But now, thanks to the German aftermarket tuner’s new and bigger turbochargers, second intercooler, and cylinders bored out to 6.3 liters, the numbers are raised to 887 hp and 1,106 lb-ft of torque. The… Continue Reading »


Why a Mercedes-Benz is a Perfect and Affordable Graduation Gift

Children grow up so fast. A newborn baby goes from kindergarten to school, and then before you know it, he/she enters university. The closer graduation is, the more often we think about the holiday and gifts that we want to choose for them. The first one is usually solved by choosing a suitable cafe, restaurant, or vacation spot while the second one is discussed for several months. Parents are often arguing about what to give for graduation – bright impressions, a pleasant trinket, and others. suggest something practical and useful. If we talk about the latter, then Mercedes-Benz, without a doubt, would be a great gift. This is a… Continue Reading »


4 Mercedes-Benz Safety Features You’ll Want in a Car Accident

No one ever wants to be involved in a car accident that causes injuries and damages their vehicle. However, thousands of them happen every day. Fortunately, many of the latest vehicles, including those from Mercedes-Benz, have some of the best safety features on the market.  Safety features can’t stop you from being injured, but they may make your collision less severe. Here are just a few of the many innovative safety features you can expect from some of the best Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the market.  Pre-Safe Technology Pre-Safe technology is not designed to prevent an accident, which you may realize if you’re contacting a Tampa car crash lawyer after crashing your Mercedes-Benz…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz EQXX Redefines the Electric Era

The Mercedes-Benz EQXX could be the most important car of the three-pointed star brand as we approach the electric era. The car is gearing to become a formidable rival to the supremacy of Tesla in the field of electric vehicles. Mercedes successfully started 2022 with a bang as it unveiled the newest addition into its arsenal, the Vision EQXX, which will serve as a basis for the brand’s upcoming series production model. The new EV features a revolutionary design, a long battery range, and heavy use of green tech. Based on the press release of Daimler, the EQXX is all about efficiency from its aerodynamic styling down to its energy… Continue Reading »


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