A Fleet Of Mercedes-Benz Electric G-Class Demonstrates Their G-Turn Capabilities At CES 2024

Giancarlo Perlas January 11, 2024
Mercedes-Benz Electric G-Class

Mercedes-Benz is not one to back down when it comes to innovation. Fresh from the New Year celebrations, the German luxury brand welcomed 2024 with a bang as it showcased all its upcoming automotive technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas. Besides its artificial intelligence (AI) equipped operating system and upcoming CLA electric vehicle (EV), another highlight of the marque’s involvement in the event was the electric G-Class featuring a groundbreaking tank turn capability that it rechristened as the “G-Turn.”

A New Era for the G-Class

The spotlight of Mercedes-Benz’s involvement at CES 2024 was undeniably on the electric G-Class, which is based on its model that has withstood the test of time since 1979. The electric iteration of the range is set to hit the markets later in the year with its maker boldly proclaiming it as the finest G-Wagen ever produced that possesses both on-road and off-road prowess.

The electric G-Class distinguishes itself with several aerodynamic improvements aimed at maximizing range. These enhancements include more streamlined A-pillars and innovative inlets in the rear fenders. Interestingly, these modifications will also be incorporated into the gasoline-powered G-Class.

The prototype displayed at CES revealed several fascinating features such as a sealed grille adorned with an illuminated border, novel bumper designs, and a unique square cargo box for storing charging cables replacing the spare tire compartment. This design choice further stresses the vehicle’s shift from traditional to electric.

G-Turn: A Technological Marvel

Among the most talked-about features of the upcoming G-Class EV is the “G-Turn” function, a tech marvel that allows the SUV to rotate 720 degrees without leaving its spot. This function is facilitated by the vehicle’s four electric motors and is activated through a dashboard button, akin to the differential lockers, in conjunction with one of the steering wheel’s paddle shifters.

Mercedes-Benz highlighted this feature in an outdoor demo to give a preview of what it has in store for drivers, particularly when it comes to navigating challenging terrains that require sharp 90-degree turns. The German carmaker, however, reminds us that this feature is specifically tailored for off-road use and is not intended for public roads.

Future Prospects and Electric Transition

Mercedes-Benz’s transition towards EVs is further evidenced by its decision to potentially phase out the EQ branding for electric cars. The prototype at CES, previously known in the public as the EQG concept, is now simply referred to as “the electric G-Class.” This suggests a shift towards more traditional naming conventions for its electric lineup. Furthermore, the company has announced plans for an electric “little G” model, which will be a smaller counterpart to the standard G-Wagen.

Significant updates are on the horizon for the entire G-Class lineup, too. The G550 model will transition from a V8 engine to Mercedes’ inline-six, while the AMG G63 will retain its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, augmented with a new 48-volt hybrid system.

A novel semi-active hydraulic suspension setup, inspired by the one in the new SL, is also slated for the AMG G63 for enhanced handling and better off-road performance.

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