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Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV Seen Making Its Rounds on the Road

We have been seeing a lot of the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV these days. This time, the EV was spied again but in its high-performance AMG guise. The prototype shown by Motor1 was seen cruising on the outskirts of Nurburgring in Germany. There’s not much to see here yet because of the heavy camouflage completely hugging the body of the prototype. However, the very tight wrapping is enough to give us some clues about the outline of the upcoming electric SUV and its key design elements. For now, the only fully exposed parts are the 22-inch, multi-spoke, jet turbine-styled wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Then, the partially peeking headlamps… Continue Reading »


Shifting Expectations in the Automotive and Digital Landscape One Step at a Time!

Would you believe that the United Kingdom announced that no cars with internal combustion engines will be sold from 2030 onwards? Fact. It’s for this reason why Mercedes-Benz is ramping up its EV game by introducing electrified versions of all its core models. This dramatic proposal is sending shockwaves through the traditional automobile industry that generally relies on gas-guzzling, internal combustion engines. And don’t think that hybrid vehicles have a free pass. In the UK, there’s a proposal to ban these vehicles by 2035. In its ambitious pursuit of zero carbon emissions within the next three decades, the UK is well ahead of the game. Incidentally, US president Joe Biden… Continue Reading »


All-New Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Spied During Testing

Mercedes-Benz is doubling down on its bid to have an electrified version of all its core products. Recently, the EQ counterpart of the GLE SUV, the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, was spied while undergoing testing in Nurburgring. Although the vehicle in the spy video is completely covered in zebra camouflage, there are a lot of hints that point to its identity as the EQE SUV. First of all, it has a stance and form similar to the GLE SUV. Then, its lack of exhaust ports and sound hint that it’s an EV. The EQE SUV is expected to adopt the design cues of the latest GLE and the EQE sedan…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz EQV Electric Van Prepares for a Facelift

New spy shots reveal that there are some updates coming up in the Mercedes-Benz EQV van. The auto was recently seen cruising on the road alongside the current EQV 300 and what looks like the upcoming facelifted EQA. The covered areas of the EQV captured in the spy shots of Carscoops indicate where the changes in the facelifted version will focus on. Given those hints, expect the van to get an updated fascia with new air inlets on the sides of the front bumper, redesigned faux front grille, and new headlamps. The faux front grille will probably showcase the same scattered star pattern flanking the Mercedes emblem similar to what… Continue Reading »


Facelifted 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQA Unveiled in Digital Rendering

The Mercedes-Benz EQA crossover only made its debut in January last year but new spy shots already reveal that it is due for a facelift. Our suspicion was fueled by a version of the EV in the stolen shots with its fascia partially camouflaged. Normally, vehicles being officially test-driven with parts concealed by wraps indicate major updates coming their way, specifically on the covered areas. This is quite strange for the EQA because it is relatively new in the lineup of Mercedes. However, we believe that the minor redesign is a way for its maker to synchronize its styling with the new and incoming EVs under the EQ range. Taking… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Ambient Lighting Takes the EQS Interior to a Whole New Level

Mercedes-Benz Ambient Lighting is one of the three-pointed star brand’s most unique and luxurious features. It is designed to elevate the interior of its vehicles, providing a more comfortable and inviting space for passengers. The Mercedes ambient lighting system uses 190 LED lights that are carefully positioned throughout the cabin. These lights can be customized to create different effects, depending on the mood or atmosphere that you want to create. The ambient lighting system, although available only as an optional extra, is an important part of the Mercedes-Benz EQS interior design. The EQS is one of Mercedes’ new electric vehicles unveiled in April 2021, which also spawned an SUV version… Continue Reading »


Pros and Cons of ICE vs Electric: Which is Better for Your Benz

It’s no secret that Mercedes-Benz offers some of the most technologically advanced and luxurious cars on the market. But when it comes to powertrains, which is better between ICE vs electric? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of ICE vs electric options to help you make a decision for your next Benz. Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) ICE Pros: ICE engines are typically more powerful than electric motors, so if you’re looking for performance, an ICE car is for you. ICE cars have a longer range than electric cars before needing to refuel or recharge, so if you have a long commute or often drive long distances, an… Continue Reading »


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