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Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz TV commercials page. Browse our growing collection of Mercedes Benz Ads (commercials) that have been aired on TV or the internet over the years throughout the world. If you have an ad and would like to share it with us and the Benz Community, please email us (benzinsider [at] gmail [dot] com). Some Mercedes commercials may be in a foreign language, probably German, but don’t let that discourage you, keep watching and enjoying.


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  1. Hello,

    I am a great fan of your website and am dissapointed to find out your commercials cannot be viewed. I tried it in Mozilla and IE8, and still nothing. Would be great to see if it could be fixed. Thank you and keep up the great MB News 🙂


  2. Just saw mercedes new commercial where this boy at the end,he says, ” He can’t wait to drive it to Las Vegas ” .What is it with Las Wages, The kid probably can care less about that city and what it has to offer..So, why not have the kid say , Disney World .I just don’t get it.I wonder if the commerial was to run in Germany ,the kid would say, “I can’t wait to drive it to Amsterdam “. Mercedes, get your act together and pull this commercial..
    P.S. Cute, it’s not !!!!

  3. I agree with Andy about the Vegas mention. W.D.W. would have been a better route to take:-) I’m assuming they are trying to reach adults with the Vegas thing….I’m not a fan of Vegas either……. Although, I had to rewind several times because I can’t get enough of the cute little boy saying he’s going to put a thousand million miles on it. That kid should be in show business!!! Good job boy…

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      I just wanted to reach out and say thanks because it is my son in that commercial. And btw, he is a child actor in the business and doing quite well for himself. College here he comes one day, lol!


  4. You commercial during PGA should say “fewer doors” instead of “Less doors”. Who is doing you proof reading?

  5. Thomas Piccirillo July 30, 2013 at 8:37 am

    I stared in a Mercedes Benz Commercial where I played an agent who came upon a hot young babe with an older gentelman in a cafe Her tag line was Au Chante Thats French I cant seem to locate it. The commercial played on the superbowl 2 years in a row in Los Angeles and people loved it. Can you help me track it down?

  6. I thought Mercedes would have better sense. Why would you make a commercial with a dog tied to a fance or do eying that “jumps” at your speeding car? What is eggnog with you? Showing a chained animal in Mercedes commercial? Completely classless and ignorant…. Shame on Mercedes.

  7. Thomas Piccirillo: I think a couple of spelling checks might help your search. Most importantly there’s no common expression in French “au Chante”; given the situation you describe it’s almost certain that the word is “enchanté”. It literally translates as “enchanted” but is commonly used as a shortcut for “I am REALLY pleased to meet you” … especially when the object of its expression is a beautiful person of the female persuasion 🙂

    And yes, the “less doors” is an atrocity that should never have been allowed to air! Has common education become so diluted that it made it past multiple levels of approval? I can’t believe that no one at Mercedes understands basic English grammar, even if their first language is German.

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