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How Much Car Insurance Does A Mercedes-Benz Need?

Insurance is one of those expenses no one wants but everyone needs at one point or another, especially for Mercedes-Benz owners. Car insurance is no exception—especially in the US, where auto insurance is a legal requirement. Most states require drivers to carry the minimum amount of liability insurance, which protects other people in case you get in an accident that causes bodily harm or property damage. If you drive a high-end vehicle, such as a Mercedes-Benz, you probably want more coverage than the state minimum. However, the auto insurance for your Benz can cost anywhere from $2,318 to $8,081 per year. That’s why it’s imperative to know how much insurance… Continue Reading »


What You Need to Know Before Buying Private Number Plates for Your Mercedes in the UK

Private number plates are a great way of making your Mercedes-Benz further stand out from the pack. Not only can you choose what you like to go on the plate, but it is also a great way of making your car personalised. There are lots of things that could affect your decision when you are planning to purchase a private number plate for your luxury car. This article includes things that people should know before buying one in the UK. What are the Various Types of Number Plate Registrations There are different types of number plate registrations you can choose from, and they vary in cost depending on their popularity… Continue Reading »


New Mercedes-AMG C45 Sedan Spied on the Road

The Mercedes-AMG C43 is usually referred to as the “AMG Lite” variant of the C-Class. The pun has something to do with the fact that it was made to bridge the space between the Benz and high-performance AMG models, and it was also called such at some point in the past. It’s not as flashy as the AMG C63 and it leaves a lot to be desired to even warrant a C53 moniker. There’s a lot of identity crisis going on in here. Recently, a heavily camouflaged prototype bearing the same dimensions and form as the AMG C43 was spied on the road. That means another iteration of the car… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG G-Class Gets the Best of Brabus and Fostla

Brabus undoubtedly comes up with the best Mercedes-Benz tuning package overall, unlike some who are on a hit-and-miss basis. The company’s consistency has paid off when it inked a contractual partnership with the three-pointed star marque. Fostla has also established itself in the scene as a provider of cost-effective body kits for the luxury brand. Put the products of the two in a Mercedes-AMG G-Class, and you are definitely in for a treat. Recently, the two powerhouses unveiled their latest creation for the Mercedes-AMG G63. It starts with the Brabus 800, which includes a Widestar body kit combined with Fostla’s signature accessories featuring carbon fiber materials for the front grille,… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG SL Leaked Before Official Unveiling

The new Mercedes-AMG SL is scheduled to make its official debut on October 20. However, barely three weeks from the event, the show car version of the roadster has been already been leaked. While we now have a pretty good idea as to what the AMG SL has in store for us based on spy shots, videos, and teasers from its maker, the recent Instagram post of cochespias still carries some surprising revelations about the car. First off, the roadster certainly looks refreshing in its red color compared to the silver version that we have been witnessing in spy shots and trailers. Second, it gives us a closer look at… Continue Reading »


AZUTO: Cup Holders for Mercedes A-Class Sedan and CLA Coupe

AZUTO specializes in creating high-quality accessories designed specifically for Mercedes cars. The Japan-based company’s products are carefully crafted to work and appear as genuine accessories for cars bearing the three-pointed star logo. With its class-leading interior quality, advanced technologies, and smooth powertrain, the new Mercedes A-Class sedan and CLA coupe are great choices for anyone expecting more from their cars. While these cars already offer great utility, they could also use more cup holders.  AZUTO cup holders are designed specifically for these cars to match the design of the interior.  Unlike generic cup holders, they use an installation kit to ensure a perfect fit and attach flush against the turbine… Continue Reading »


Top 3 Of The Most Timeless Mercedes Sports Cars

Mercedes-Benz has secured its name as one of the most illustrious and best-selling brands in the world. Remember, their slogan is “the best or nothing”. Mercedes has always been a company known for its top-notch car automation and high-class comfortability, all within an affordable price in the deluxe department. The company has released a large number of awe-inspiring, unique, modern, and old-timey models. So with hundreds of models of on-road and super sports cars built over its time up to the present, it is nearly impossible to summarize them in such a small list but we’ve made sure to pick the top 3 most excellent ones: 1.   Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth… Continue Reading »


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