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Mansory Mercedes-AMG G63 Gets Chunkier Body And Rosy Pink Interior

The G-Class radiates the aura of a legend in the three-pointed star marque. The Mercedes-AMG G63 takes things up further by putting more aggressive elements into it. Seeing more room for improvement though, Mansory just couldn’t help but introduce more stuff in the classy SUV. Once again, the tuner gave the G-Wagen a more muscular look on the outside and matches it with a posh pink interior. Mansory is quite controversial in terms of its choice of body kits for its tuned vehicles. Among its favorites over the years is the G-Class, and along the way, it’s mostly a hit-or-miss affair. Exterior The tuner’s new project with the AMG G63… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG E 63 Wagon Tuned to 867 HP by Vath

Mercedes-Benz wagon models only cater to a specific set of buyers in the middle of the SUV-crazed market that we have now. As such, they don’t get as much love as sports cars either, but Vath just turned one Mercedes-AMG E 63 Wagon into supercar levels. There are barely a few signs on the shell of the AMG E 63 Wagon that hints at its tinkering. These seem to be only evident on the decals, lip spoiler, roof-mounted spoiler, and 21-inch wheels hugged by Michelin tires. It also displays a lower stance due to its suspension being adjusted to be 0.7-inch closer to the ground. It should be noted that… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe Gets a Power-Up and Sinister Look

The Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe prides itself on having both the genes of a sports car and the utility of an SUV. It benefits from the luxurious features offered by Mercedes-Benz and it’s further amplified by the sportier and more aggressive styling elements as well as the high level of performance provided by Mercedes-AMG. While the AMG GLE 63 S Coupe is already impressive as it is due to its dynamic design and performance, the folks at Road Show International think there’s more room to make it stand out more. Recently, the Georgia-based tuner unveiled its latest program for the crossover called the RS Edition. As with the other… Continue Reading »


Sacrilegious or Genius? Tuner Swaps Mercedes Sprinter Engine with a BMW Diesel

The Mercedes Sprinter enjoys a high level of popularity especially in the U.S. because of its reliability and versatility. Aside from its use in shipping products and transporting passengers, we have seen its transformation into mobile offices, luxury campers, and other builds. Recently, a Polish tuner unveiled a very unique take on the cab version of the Sprinter by jamming a BMW engine into it. Some may see this as sacrilegious, knowing that Mercedes and BMW are head-to-head in the luxury car market, while some see it as pure genius as the tuning work imbued more power to the van. In its stock configuration, the Sprinter possesses a 2.1-liter CDI… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG G 63 Gets Minty Makeover from Carlex

As imposing as it is appealing, the Mercedes-AMG G63 certainly commands a huge presence whether it is being driven on- and off-road or it is just sitting in a parking lot. Recently, Carlex Design unveiled its new project involving the high-performance G-Class to further enhance its appeal thru a minty makeover in and out. Carlex, the Polish tuner that notably brought us a yacht-inspired AMG G63 a couple of years ago, aptly baptized its new creation as the Mint&Gold Edition. As it says, it gets plenty of mint green in its exterior and interior plus a gold finish highlighting the iconic SUV’s massive 23-inch wheels. Alongside the cool aura are… Continue Reading »


Mercedes G-Class Customized to Raise Awareness in Men’s Mental Health Issues

Customizing a vehicle has often proved to be an ideal way for people to express their creative side or take pride in their hobby. It also allows them to make a more intimate connection with their vehicles, and thus, creating an invaluable sense of ownership over them. This makes the activity an effective tool for overcoming various mental health issues. Andy Mai, a young Sydney-based consultant who also dedicates his time to helping men cope with mental health issues, recently shared a story about a recent makeover he did with his Mercedes-Benz G-Class in partnership with Raptor King Customs, V.G. Auto Paints, and Raptor Coatings for the cause. The Mercedes… Continue Reading »


Mansory Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Loaded with 887 HP and New Look

The new Mansory Mercedes-AMG E 63 S is about to give the newly unveiled Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E a good run for its money as it is loaded with new cosmetic enhancements plus a major engine tune. Getting straight to business, the new creation of Mansory unleashes up to 887 hp and 992 lb-ft of torque from the AMG E 63 S through its Stage 3 tuning package. If that’s too much, buyers can take Stage 2 of the program to get the car to deliver up to 838 hp and 848 lb-ft of torque. Last but not least is the Stage 1 tune of the project that still… Continue Reading »


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