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Mercedes-AMG F1-Inspired Supercar in the Works

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers hinted that another standalone model might follow the GT Coupe. Although information is still scarce, the new car would sit between the brand’s road car and the Formula One cars of Mercedes. Moers said in an interview featured in Autocar that the auto will be totally distinct to the Mercedes-AMG GT. The source speculated that instead of the traditional front engine design featured in the SLS and GT, the next standalone AMG car would carry an advanced mid-engine car with hybrid powertrain. Based on an insider, the supercar will be equipped with a compact hybrid power unit. The technology employed in the Silver Arrows in F1… Continue Reading »


Check Out This Brabus-Tuned Mercedes-Benz V250

Tuning the Mercedes-Benz V250 may sound somewhat unusual to industry watchers mainly because owners of these types of vehicles typically may not find it necessary to tune it. This is particularly true with this Brabus-tuned V250, as shown on a report from When it comes to luxury vans, tuning them may not be the best decision their owners may make, especially when it is tuned by Brabus. If they have enough money to buy a Brabus-tune vehicle, the last thing they should get is a van. However, there may still be a market for these types of vehicles. They may be uber-wealthy people who want to have comfort and… Continue Reading »


Spy Shots Of New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet Emerge

Spy shots of the upcoming 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet emerged recently, as shown on a report from It appears the launch of the last few variants of the E-Class is gradually increasing its pace. Industry watchers may have had their share of spy shots of Mercedes-Benz cars in recent weeks. This comes are the German luxury vehicle manufacturer is in the middle of preparations for the release of new models into the market. The undisguised version of the latest E-Class Cabriolet is expected to see the light of day before the end of the year, and will be released into the market by next year. It may be unveiled… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² May Enter US Market

Even with the integration of the latest tech and comfort features into the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, it still has an old-school appeal that has barely changed in the last few decades. This simply shows that the design of the G-Class can span generations. And it appears the luxury vehicle manufacturer from Germany may offer the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² into the US market, as shown on a report from The general manager of product planning of Mercedes-Benz in the United States, Bart Herring, said the company is taking into consideration the sale of the latest model of the G-Class in the US. The G500 4×4² became available in the European market… Continue Reading »


Two 1992 Mercedes-Benz W140 S-Class Units Spotted On eBay

A pair of 1992 Mercedes-Benz W140 S-Class models was spotted on an eBay listing recently, as shown on a report from The two are in excellent condition and have a very low mileage. The two are one-owner cars, according to the seller, who added that they have a clear timeline and history. The asking price of the two cars is $300,000. The eBay ad has caught the attention of visitors of the site, many of which may be luxury vehicle enthusiasts. This typically happens to ads showing rare vehicles with high asking prices. The ad as well as the photo gallery shows there are two models of the 1992… Continue Reading »


Video Shows Mercedes-AMG GT3 In Action

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 was tested by Mercedes-AMG at the Fuji Speedway, as shown on a report from The test comes with the continued development of the Super GT Series by the company. The video of the test shows an unadorned AMG GT3, which does not happen often since it is typically covered with sponsorship stickers when it goes out in the public. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 was unveiled over a year ago and it complied with the specifications established by the FIA for a GT3. It features a naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V8 engine paired with a six-speed sequential racing gearbox. The engine offers excellent reliability and user-friendly technology. It also has… Continue Reading »


A Look at One of the Men Behind the Mercedes-AMG Engine

Mercedes-AMG is famous for its “One Man—One Engine” philosophy.  That means in every engine coming from its assembly line is one guy responsible for its entire assembly. Early this year, Sidney Hoffmann, known for the TV show “Die PS Profis,” got himself a brand-new Mercedes-AMG C 63. Being an embodiment of the brand’s slogan, the name of the man responsible for putting together the car’s engine is etched on the power unit’s nameplate. The name in the said unit says, “Patrick Vogel.” Out of curiosity, Hoffmann invited Vogel over a “cuppa” to discuss with him matters pertaining to the manufacture of his auto’s AMG engine. The TV star went as… Continue Reading »


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