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Mercedes Benz: The Untold Story

Mercedes Benz is a name that spells status, success, and grandeur. It is a car that has become synonymous with luxury and class. It is actually a German automotive company that is a part of the bigger Daimler AG group. Daimler makes not just cars but also luxury coaches, buses and trucks. The headquarters of Mercedes Benz are in Stuttgart, Germany. Not many people are aware of the fact that this company is nearly a century old and the people who are behind this brand are also the inventors of the combustible engine. What this means is that people who started this company can be credited with inventing the automobile…. Continue Reading »


All About Gas Springs

OK, gas springs aren’t the most mind-blowing piece of equipment that man has ever invented – they won’t discover dark matter or turn base metals into gold, but they have become an integral and important part of everyday life. Every time you open your car boot, for example, you’re taking advantage of gas springs; likewise, every time you adjust your swivel chair to just the right height, you’re using a gas spring to do it. These are just two of the more obvious applications of these widgets – they’re actually used in countless ways throughout industry and manufacturing and they come in all sorts of sizes and configurations. How do… Continue Reading »


The Mercedes-Benz GLA is the Ultimate Compact Cross-Over

With an already wide spread of SUVs to see at your local dealer, one could be forgiven for thinking Mercedes-Benz was late in arriving at the compact cross-over SUV party. As it stands, Mercedes-Benz offers 3 large SUV options – the big ML (aka M-Class), the extra-big GL, and the tough square G-Class, known around the world as Geländewagen. Therefore, the company is not actually late with its product, as it has been selling a compact SUV named GLK for quite a few years already, which competes with BMW X3 and Audi Q5 types. Inexplicably, GLK is built only in left-hand drive, so not available in the countries SA or… Continue Reading »


Keeping Your Mercedes Truck in The Best Condition – No Matter How You Use It!

If you have a Mercedes flat bed truck, you own a great piece of German engineering that is going to serve you well for a long time to come. Reliable and robust, a Mercedes truck is the ideal vehicle for all kinds of work, and is also a great style statement. Whether you use your Mercedes flat bed for transporting tools and parts as part of your job, or you simply love the look of a big, robust vehicle like this, you are going to want to ensure it looks as good as it did when you first got it for as long as you can! Here are some tips… Continue Reading »


Mercedes S Class Sedan and Coupe Review

While the S-Class has been at the forefront of luxury automotive and technological design for over 4 decades the geniuses in the Mercedes-Benz workshop have truly outdone themselves with their latest creation. We were given the chance to compile some notes on Mercedes-Benz’ latest invention courtesy of AutoNation who provided us some valuable face time with these beauties. With a gorgeous design geared towards creating an effortless, comfortable driving experience, this vehicle beats any and all competition both on the road and off. While there is a hefty price tag associated with such an incredible mode of transportation, we believe that you will be desperate to try one out for… Continue Reading »


Your Search for Tyres has come to an End!

When it comes to buying cheap wheel and tyre packages online and receiving the highest standards in customer service, it all seems like one big oxymoronic fairy tale, doesn’t it? For as long as wheel shops have been in existence, cheap tyres and world class customer service certainly have not gone hand-in-hand. The fact is, most of you who receive superior quality products to fit onto your vehicle have paid a premium price to receive the good stuff. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” seems to apply nicely to the auto parts industry. However, what if there were a place where you could find the top wheel… Continue Reading »


Texting and Driving: The Horrifying Statistics

Most states now have some form of laws banning texting while driving and the issue receives a lot of public attention. However, many still ask if it is really such a big deal. Surely, they reason, texting cannot be so distracting that it would make them get into accidents. In order to address such questions, the following statics reveal just how deadly it can be for anyone to let himself or herself fall prey to the temptation to text behind the wheel. Numbers Don’t Lie   In 2011, 23% or more of all traffic accidents involved cell phones. This equates to an astounding 1.3 million crashes that year alone. One… Continue Reading »


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