Mercedes Benz: The Untold Story

Muamer Hodzic October 23, 2016

Mercedes Benz is a name that spells status, success, and grandeur. It is a car that has become synonymous with luxury and class. It is actually a German automotive company that is a part of the bigger Daimler AG group. Daimler makes not just cars but also luxury coaches, buses and trucks. The headquarters of Mercedes Benz are in Stuttgart, Germany. Not many people are aware of the fact that this company is nearly a century old and the people who are behind this brand are also the inventors of the combustible engine. What this means is that people who started this company can be credited with inventing the automobile.

Mercedes Benz may be the second name of luxury today but it is not a car that can be considered as suitable for city driving alone. The company has many different models up its sleeve to fulfill the requirements of people who are desirous of owning this brand. There are Mercedes cars means for optimum driving pleasure in cities, cars meant for driving through the cities for the business class, and also cars for families of different sizes. The company even makes models that can run on racing tracks should the owner decide to race with others.

The story begins in the year 1886

It was in 1886 that Carl Benz, the father of Mercedes Benz, invented a motorwagen that is considered by experts as the first automobile of the world. Very same year, Daimler, in partnership with an engineer called Maybach, successfully removed horse from a carriage and ran it with the help of a petrol engine. It is interesting to note that both Daimler and Benz lived in southern Germany and worked on producing automobiles around the same time, they never got a chance to meet each other.

Mercedes was the name of the daughter of the businessman who took over

Carl Benz advertised his invention as a replacement for the horse. But despite his best efforts, his automobile did not get the kind of recognition that Daimler’s automobile got. He and Mayback went on to establish a company called DMG and they started to produce automobiles. A businessman who bought one of these cars for personal use became so impressed that he agreed to invest money for the mass production of cars. However, he had a condition that the cars so produced will be labeled as Mercedes and not Benz. The reason behind this logic was that the name of the daughter of this businessman was Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz claims to offer car solutions to its clients that not only promise total luxury but also give safe and comfortable riding experience to the owner. The company considers itself to be providing the most efficient cars to its customers. It was in 1901 that the first Mercedes car was introduced in the market and it proved to a roaring success. Since then, the company has not looked back and today, it has become synonymous with luxury in automobiles. However, it was a long wait for another two decades as the company became Daimler Benz in the year 1926. This was the year when Daimler was acquired by Benz. But the company chose to retain the name Mercedes for its cars and what a powerful brand name it went on to become in the next few decades.

The star has remained the logo for all these years

It was now when the company had been christened as Daimler Benz that sons of Daimler realized that their father made use of a star as the symbol for his automobile. They took that star to make the logo of the company. This three pointed star is till date the trademark of the company. Mercedes soon became the most popular automobile company in the whole of Germany and their cars were used by no less an individual than Adolf Hitler himself. He got bullet proof windshields installed at the front of the cars that he used for himself. Nothing seems to have changed for the company Mercedes Benz since then. These cars represent quality and luxury event today with cutting edge technology that is far ahead of their competitors.

It is precision engineering and the excellence in workmanship that makes Mercedes Benz one of the best, if not outright best cars in the world today. You can buy new and used Mercedes cars at, a place to buy and sell cars.

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