Spied: The 2024 Mercedes-AMG E53 Sedan Goes Electric

Giancarlo Perlas September 12, 2023

In the world of high-performance sedans, the Mercedes-AMG E53 has always been a formidable contender, but now it seems this beast is set to undergo a major transformation. Spotted recently in the United States, this camouflaged test mule is raising eyebrows and sparking speculations about what’s under the hood.

Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan test mule
Screencap from: KindelAuto

Let’s dive into the intriguing details of the upcoming 2024 Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan based on the latest spy video of KindelAuto:

Unconventional Exhausts

While Mercedes-AMG has been testing the E53 in Europe for some time, the recent sighting in California is the first of its kind in the U.S. The most noticeable deviation from the norm was its unusually long exhaust tips.

However, it’s essential to bear in mind that these striking tips are unlikely to make it to the production model as we are likely seeing the test mule version of the car. The prototype’s design is meant to deceive, hinting at the possibility that it’s undergoing modifications to meet local emissions regulations.

Embracing Electrification

The most significant revelation about this high-performance E-Class test mule is the hidden potential lurking beneath the surface. A closer inspection of the rear fender reveals a discreet cap for the charging port opposite the fuel cap, which is a telltale sign of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) setup.

This aligns with Mercedes’ recent electrification efforts, following in the footsteps of models like the AMG C63 S E Performance and the AMG S63 E Performance, both of which boast a PHEV configuration.

A Six-Cylinder Powerhouse

Traditionally known for their robust V8 engines, AMG is shifting gears with the 2024 E53. Instead of the beloved V8, this sedan is expected to feature a six-cylinder powertrain, likely a 3.0-liter inline-six paired with an electric motor.

While exact figures remain undisclosed, the speculated output for the auto hovers around the 500-horsepower mark, aligning it with the Benz and Maybach S580e models. In these electrified full-size sedans, the internal combustion engine is estimated to contribute 367 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque while the complementing electric motor will probably pump out an additional 150 horsepower and 324 lb-ft.

The total output of the setup might soar to an impressive 510 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque.

The Missing Estate and the V8’s Fate

For fans of practicality and wagon enthusiasts, there may be a hint of disappointment on the horizon. The likelihood of the AMG E53 estate variant arriving in the US appears slim, as Mercedes-Benz USA has a history of offering only the full-fat AMG E63 All-Terrain variant. Furthermore, for those still holding out hope for a return of the V8 engine in the top-tier AMG E63 model, AMG CEO Michael Schiebe has quashed those dreams.

Despite swirling rumors, it seems the future AMG E63 will also adopt a plug-in hybrid configuration centered around an inline-six engine, likely packing even more power than the 671-horsepower AMG C63 S E Performance.

Market Rival

As per insiders’ reports, BMW is gearing up to launch a 2024 M Performance variant of the 5 Series, known as the M560e, featuring an electrified six-cylinder powertrain to counter the E-Class PHEV. Even the mighty M5 is set to go down the plug-in hybrid route, though it will retain its popular V8 engine.

Final Thoughts

The spied 2024 Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan is ushering in a new era of electrification for this renowned performance lineup. With a plug-in hybrid setup and a potent six-cylinder engine, it promises to deliver the power and performance enthusiasts crave while meeting stringent emissions standards.

While some may lament the absence of the estate variant and the V8 engine, it’s clear that AMG is embracing the electric future of high-performance sedans. Exciting times lie ahead for fans of this iconic marque.

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