Mercedes-Maybach GLS Gets A Major Makeover From Carlex Design

Giancarlo Perlas April 22, 2023

One more way to further customize the Mercedes-Maybach GLS was recently unveiled by Carlex Design. Although it’s too brown for our taste, everything is still tastefully done, which does not take anything away from the ultra-luxurious character of the SUV.

Exterior shot of the Maybach GLS with the Carlex Design package. (Photo Source: Carlex Design)

Carlex Design has given the Maybach GLS a luxurious makeover with bi-tone paint, bespoke interiors, and signature alloy wheels. The exterior updates of the GLS focus on the two shades of brown used in the bi-tone paint finish, which is further enhanced by Carlex’s emblems.

The package comes at a price of €15,000 ($16,437), and the delivery time is estimated at 20 days. Meanwhile, the 23-inch alloys signed by Carlex cost €11,000 ($12,054), with a waiting time of about a month.

Interior shot of the Maybach GLS with the Carlex Design package. (Photo Source: Carlex Design)

The interior features a complete reupholstering of almost every touchable part with plain and perforated leather, replacing the black leather of the original cabin. Carlex says a complete cabin job like this takes roughly five days and costs €33,000 ($36,161), before tax.

To complete the tuning job, interested parties will have to shell out €56,020 ($61,386), according to the tuner. This may seem like a fortune for most of us, but for those who can afford the Maybach GLS, which starts at €173,264 in Germany ($189,861 at today’s exchange rates) or $170,000 in the US, it may be a reasonable upgrade.

Final Thoughts on the Carlex Design Mercedes-Maybach GLS

Although we’re not exactly fans of the heavy usage of brown in the overall finish of the Carlex Design Mercedes-Maybach GLS, everything is still tastefully done. The specialist sure gave the ultra-opulent SUV the stunning makeover that it deserves with its bi-tone paint, custom interiors, and signature alloy wheels.

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