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Carlex Design Unveils Customized Mercedes-Benz X-Class: A Rugged Overlander With Unique Styling

Carlex Design has breathed new life into the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, showcasing an impressive aftermarket upgrade both inside and out. Embodying the spirit of an overlander, this modified pickup boasts a rugged design that is sure to turn heads. With a range of enhancements, Carlex Design has transformed the X-Class into a true off-road beast. Exterior Upgrades Carlex Design has given the X-Class a distinctive makeover, incorporating fender attachments, a tweaked grille, new side steps, and a different rear bumper in its EXY body kit. The addition of a roll bar in the open bed and the inclusion of five-spoke wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires further enhance its adventurous appeal. The… Continue Reading »


Carlex Design Unveils The Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe Mint Edition

Carlex Design, renowned for its minty transformations, has once again captivated automotive enthusiasts with its latest creation: the Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe Mint Edition. Building upon the success of its previous Mercedes-Maybach GLS project, the tuner has applied its signature treatment to the sleeker and more affordable SUV coupe. With a striking exterior and luxurious interior, this limited edition offering showcases the specialist’s unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Exterior Enhancements The AMG GLE Coupe Mint Edition stands out from the crowd with its captivating two-tone design. The upper parts of the body are elegantly coated in satin black, while the remaining panels are adorned in a refreshing minty hue, separated… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Maybach GLS Gets A Major Makeover From Carlex Design

One more way to further customize the Mercedes-Maybach GLS was recently unveiled by Carlex Design. Although it’s too brown for our taste, everything is still tastefully done, which does not take anything away from the ultra-luxurious character of the SUV. Carlex Design has given the Maybach GLS a luxurious makeover with bi-tone paint, bespoke interiors, and signature alloy wheels. The exterior updates of the GLS focus on the two shades of brown used in the bi-tone paint finish, which is further enhanced by Carlex’s emblems. The package comes at a price of €15,000 ($16,437), and the delivery time is estimated at 20 days. Meanwhile, the 23-inch alloys signed by Carlex… Continue Reading »


Carlex Mercedes-Maybach GLS Gets Green Mint & Gold Combo Design

Polish tuner Carlex Design continues to make a statement with its mint green overhauls for the key offerings of the three-pointed star marque. Recently, the specialist unveiled its latest creation for the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. The company just released a similarly-themed customization for the Mercedes-AMG G63 last month. Now, it is extending the same Mint & Gold treatment to the Maybach GLS trims. Exterior Outside, the body of the GLS is sprayed in mint green. Meanwhile, the upper part consisting of the hood, roof, and pillars come in black for a contrasting look. Topping it off are the gold-painted front grille, side sills, and multi-spoke wheels. Interior The interior of the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz G-Class Gets a More Luxurious Facelift From Carlex Design

The iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class sport utility vehicle takes a new look thanks to Carlex Design. After the Yachting Edition of the model released by the company sometime in April this year, the new project elevates the Gelandewagen once more with its Racing Green Edition. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class Racing Green Edition is highlighted by its dark tang of emerald green paint job, which is inspired by British racing green. The paint is applied by hand by the specialists of Carlex Design. It also gets a contrasting gold accent on its lower area plus wheel cover accessory and roof that both come in carbon fiber. Then the cosmetic enhancements are topped off… Continue Reading »


Carlex Design Rolls Out the Mercedes-AMG G63 Yachting Limited Edition

After revealing the CGI rendering of Mercedes-AMG G63 Yachting Limited Edition, Carlex Design finally delivered the first sample of the finished product to an anonymous customer in Dubai. As its name implies, the package is inspired by luxury yachts. It targets customers who are considered as “enthusiasts of luxury and marine style.” The Carlex kit only offers styling modifications to the AMG G63 sport utility vehicle. There are no performance upgrades available to it as of yet from the tuner, but it should be noted that the unit already possessed a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine capable of producing 577 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque, which is good for 0-100… Continue Reading »


Carlex Design Gives the Mercedes-Benz X-Class an Extreme Makeover

Carlex Design just released its new tuning packages for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. The kits come with exterior and interior upgrades that optimize the off-road and highway capabilities of the pickup. There are two tuning packages offered by Carlex for the Mercedes X-Class. The specialist has 999 samples of each package. That means they are targeting to sell the upgrades to 1,998 owners of the pickup. First Choice The first version of the tuning package is called the “Exy Off-Road”. It includes a special wrap for the exterior, roof-mounted lights, new body kit, plastic cladding, extended wheel arches, higher suspension and all-terrain tires. Inside it is an all-black leather upholstery with… Continue Reading »


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