OEM vs Replica Rims: Why You Should Be Careful of Your Choice

Giancarlo Perlas November 28, 2015

mercedes replica rims

Earlier, we featured both the benefits of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Mercedes replica wheels. Based from the mentioned advantages of the aftermarket rims, especially the lower pricing of the replica types, many of us auto enthusiasts would probably go for them.

However, there is an underlying danger to this decision. Some producers of OEM-style wheels make use of low-quality products in order to save costs and enable them to offer their merchandise at a very cheap price that would surely attract customers.

In order to provide information and warn customers, Mercedes-Benz Australia released a short video through its YouTube channel to demonstrate the potential dangers of using replica rims. In the presentation, David McCarthy, the senior manager of Mercedes-Benz Australia, starts by showing how to tell the OEM and replica rims apart. Then Tony Weber, the chief executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries in Australia, proceeds to test the genuine and the imitation wheels.

As a way to test the resiliency of the two types of wheels, Mercedes can be seen running one of its cars for around 50 kilometers per hour on the track. Along the way, it is intentionally driven into an exposed pothole.

The result shows the OEM front wheel withstanding the impact generated by the rim hitting the sharp edge the pothole. On the other hand, the replica failed in the same test. A closeup of the wheel upon hitting the steep climb in the pothole shows a part of it chipping from the force created by the uneven road surface.

The scenario with the replica rim clearly has bad news written all over it as its uneven frame after the damage has the tendency to slice or puncture the tires and compromise the driving performance of the driver in the road. The flying fragment also has a likelihood of hitting other cars or bystanders.

A Tip When Buying Replica Wheels

You can avoid the hassle shown in the video if you only choose to avail the products and services of reputable companies that offer reliable replica rims. Be sure to do your research, consult a dependable mechanic, or read customer reviews regarding the one you are about to buy to always ensure your safety and driving pleasure.

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