Your selfie will never be as cool as Nico Rosberg’s

Ryan Joseph Ramos May 6, 2014

The ‘selfie’ has become as ubiquitous on the internet as cat pictures and hilarious memes. A good majority of your social media friends probably have at least one selfie. You might be fond of taking selfies yourself. We bet, however, that you likely won’t be able to do it while driving a 1954 Mercedes W196 [and you really shouldn’t, no matter what vehicle you’re driving/riding. It’s dangerous!]

That’s exactly what Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 driver Nico Rosberg did on Juan Manuel Fangio’s famed car. From the first rumbles of the engine to the end of his run, it is indeed a unique take on the selfie.

Kids, don’t do this at home. Leave it to the pros. See, even an established race car driver such as Rosberg even had to keep looking at the road, and it looked very much like he wasn’t pushing the W196 nearly close to what it can do. In addition, he seemed to have difficulty steering the 50’s-era vehicle, which definitely does not enjoy certain steering technologies that motorists today take for granted.

Why would Rosberg or Mercedes pull such a stunt? We’re not quite sure ourselves. It could be a promotion for a BlackBerry mobile device, as the tech company is a major sponsor of the team.

What would’ve been cooler is if the team simply set up a mount for the camera or mobile device (or better yet, get a real action camera like a GoPro) so we can have a truly vicarious experience of driving the W196. If Nico’s hands are free, there’s no need for him to hold back. Plus, that would be way safer, too!

Again, we reiterate: this is not something you should do on the road, fellas. Focus on driving and pay no heed to your mobile device. Those text messages can wait. Oh, and please wear your seat belt!

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