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Key Features Of The New Mercedes-AMG SL 63 S E Performance

The top-of-the-line Mercedes-AMG SL 63 S E Performance makes its debut this week, promising a whole new level of driving experience to lovers of the three-pointed star marque’s oldest range. The car uses a hybrid powertrain derived from Mercedes F1 tech to drive up its output to a whopping 805 hp. Design The new Mercedes-AMG SL 63 S E Performance benefits from all the goodies offered by the base SL 63. It comes with the Mercedes high-performance division’s wide Panamericana front grille with vertical slats, spoilers, rear diffuser, LED lamps, “Affalterbach AMG” badge, 10 twin-spoke wheel design wrapped in sports tires, quadruple tailpipes, and carbon fiber inserts. Meanwhile, the interior… Continue Reading »


Which Mercedes-Benz Model Costs The Most To Insure?

When you purchase a luxury vehicle, particularly one with the long history and prestigious status of a Mercedes-Benz, you know you’re going to be paying for the privilege. Mercedes-Benz is rightly hailed as some of the most luxurious cars in the world — and that also means paying higher insurance premiums than you would for a more average car. But how much do Mercedes-Benz cars cost to insure? Perhaps not surprisingly, the most expensive Mercedes-Benz to insure is the S-Class sedan, which represents a premium luxury driving experience. With a digital cockpit, fingerprint and voice recognition, driver assist technology, and even features such as customizable inside lighting, 3D surround sound… Continue Reading »


Useful Tips to Help Build a Career at Mercedes After Graduation

Nobody knows how difficult it is to rebuild one’s reputation better than someone from the automobile industry. Despite the significant changes in this business and dealership environment, some people still associate a job in auto sales with long working hours and tough negotiations. However, the car retail industry is no longer what it once was. For job hunters, there are now a variety of fresh and exciting possibilities. As a consequence, many dealerships such as Mercedes have begun to place a higher value on interaction and tech skills than on the conventional hard closing approaches used by car salespeople. Dealers have been bringing on applicants with excellent interpersonal skills and… Continue Reading »


Mercedes F1 Crown Is Now Truly in Jeopardy

Five races remain in the 2021 Formula One season. As you might imagine, much of the focus is going on the clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The former has cantered to the F1 Drivers’ Championship this last few years and was widely expected to do the same this year. Verstappen had other ideas, however, and we are now being treated to a battle for the drivers’ F1 crown that looks too close to call, although Verstappen has the edge right now. Yet while that pair have offered a – much-needed – bit of drama to draw in the casual motor racing fan, their enmity has perhaps taken some… Continue Reading »


Is It Cheaper to Insure a Mercedes-Benz or BMW?

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are neck and neck in the luxury car segment and their models are almost similar in features in an attempt to woo customers, but surprisingly, the appraisals of their insurance premiums differ. Insuring a luxury vehicle is not the same as insuring common household cars. Although luxury vehicle owners can still opt for the normal policy, they won’t get the optimum coverage that specialized high-end vehicle insurance offers. Therefore, the latter should be chosen if the owners want to make the most out of them. Some factors that drive up the price of luxury vehicle insurance are their expensive repairs and maintenance as well as their tendency… Continue Reading »


Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes F1 Reclaim Lead in F1 Standings

The battle for the Formula 1 Drivers Championship intensifies as Lewis Hamilton retains his lead on the standings after the Hungarian Grand Prix. Likewise, his team, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 is again on top of the mid-season rankings. Currently, Hamilton has 192 points on his scorecard. That’s just six points ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who impressively finished third last season. Meanwhile, Valtteri Bottas is at fourth with 108 points, which is five points behind McLaren driver Lando Norris. On the team rankings, Mercedes leads at 300 points while Red Bull is looming with 290 points and McLaren is third at 163 points. The race in Hungary ended with… Continue Reading »


Drag Race: Mercedes-AMG E63 S Sedan vs Audi RS6 Avant Wagon

After seeing its crossover counterpart, the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe, get smoked by the Audi RSQ8 in a recent drag race, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S sedan is looking to get one back against the Audi RS6 Avant wagon in a new match. The German cars are at it again with CAR Magazine’s new video. The publication’s editor, Ray Leathern, and journalist, Sean Parker, can be seen behind the steering wheel of the two high-performance cars. Tale of the Tape The matchup appears to favor the Merc in terms of power and weight advantage. Although both cars come with 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engines, the AMG E63 S has an output… Continue Reading »


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