2016 Aston Martin Vanquish Getting a Mercedes Engine

Giancarlo Perlas December 23, 2013


aston martin vanquish

Future Aston Martin Vanquish supercars will carry the bespoke V8 engines being developed by Mercedes-AMG.

A few days ago, the British supercar manufacturer, Aston Martin, officially revealed details about its partnership with Daimler which was forged sometime in July this year.

According to the Motley Fool website, the British supercar brand’s 2016 Aston Martin Vanquish model is looking to benefit from the new-generation of high-performance V8 engines being developed by the Mercedes-AMG group. All succeeding cars are expected to carry the all-new V8 engines as well.

A Win and Win Situation

The tie-up with a global high-end automaker such as Daimler will surely provide the leverage that Aston Martin needs in the world market. On the other hand, Daimler will also share benefits from the deal. Hence, it is basically a win for both brands.

While no cash has been exchanged by the two brands during the deal, Aston Martin has given Daimler non-voting shares within its company. Up to 5% stakes has been given to Mercedes’ parent in several stages. In addition, Daimler will have an “observer” and a non-voting member in Aston’s board.

Goodbye to Ford

Aston Martin used to belong to Ford before it was sold to a group of private investors in 2007. Currently, the engines used by the supercars of the brand are manufactured by Ford in Germany. But as the deal between Aston and Ford comes to a close, Mercedes comes in to the rescue.

Unique Engines

Reportedly, Mercedes-AMG will provide the supercar brand, particularly its 2016 Aston Martin Vanquish, a V8 engine that uses top of the line technology. The engine according to sources, will remain unique to the Aston Martin brand.

Daimler’s Advantage

Aside from getting a significant position within Aston Martin, Daimler’s partnership with the brand will enable it to expand its market, not only to luxury cars and trucks, but to supercars too.

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