Is now the best time to buy a Mercedes?

Muamer Hodzic December 31, 2008

We’ve all heard stories on how car manufacturers and dealers are having issues selling their cars. This video will put it in perspective on the severity of this problem. Thousands and thousands of cars are being stored at ports, just waiting there until a dealer decides to replenish their inventory. With the current economic conditions, where thousands of people are losing their jobs and even homes, it’s difficult, especially for luxury car manufacturers, to attract customers.

Is now the best time to buy a Mercedes? Well if you are financially stable, have a job, and think you won’t be laid off in the coming year, then yes. You’ll be able to get some great deals, especially if you know how to haggle, as deals are desperate to get rid of their inventory. If you are out of work or will be, then this is definitely not the right time. Just like MB salesman in the video says – go buy some food for your family.

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