Brad Pitt Postpones Highly Anticipated ‘Apex’ F1 Film Featuring Lewis Hamilton

Giancarlo Perlas August 3, 2023

Renowned actor and producer Brad Pitt is currently making headlines by taking a stand in support of the SAG-AFTRA strike that has been affecting Hollywood. The 59-year-old Hollywood icon had been tirelessly working on his latest project, ‘Apex,’ a thrilling Formula One film that promises to enthrall audiences with its high-speed action and gripping drama. However, in a surprising move, the veteran actor has decided to halt production in a show of solidarity with the striking actors.

The Strike’s Impact on ‘Apex’

Scheduled to be released on Apple TV, ‘Apex’ was expected to be a blockbuster, boasting a star-studded cast that included Damson Idris, Kerry Condon, Tobias Menzies, and the seven-time Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the mastermind behind Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ the film revolves around a fictional F1 team named APXGP and follows the journey of a once-famed racer, portrayed by Brad Pitt himself.

Brad Pitt Advocating for Fairness

Known for his philanthropy and genuine kindness, Pitt has yet again demonstrated why he is hailed as one of the nicest individuals in Hollywood. After engaging in heartfelt conversations with his dedicated cast and crew, Pitt made the decision to put the brakes on the filming process for the next two months. Despite the potential financial implications, Pitt’s unwavering commitment to supporting his fellow actors has earned him praise from industry insiders.

Plot Insights

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Pitt revealed intriguing details about the film’s captivating plot. His character, a racer from the ’90s, experiences a life-altering accident and ventures into other racing disciplines before fate leads him to the struggling APXGP team, owned by Javier Bardem’s character. With the team’s fortunes at an all-time low, the introduction of a young phenom, played by Damson Idris, and a daring attempt to turn their luck around forms the crux of this action-packed narrative.

Future Prospects and Filming Schedule

While the decision to delay production is undoubtedly significant, discussions are already underway to reschedule filming. Brad Pitt and his team are optimistic about returning to the sets, with tentative plans to resume shooting in November. One of the film’s iconic scenes will take place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans eagerly awaiting its release.

brad pitt tim cook lewis hamilton
Actor Brad Pitt, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Mercedes F1’s Lewis Hamilton at the 2022 US GP. (Image Source: Sky Sports)
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