Lewis Hamilton Mentors Brad Pitt For F1-Inspired Movie APXGP

Giancarlo Perlas July 15, 2023
Brad Pit and other actors on the APXGP F1-inspired movie. (Image Source: Kim Illman via Getty Images)

As excitement builds for APXGP, a Formula 1-inspired film starring Brad Pitt, it’s no secret that the Hollywood star has taken on the challenge of portraying an F1 driver. But what many may not know is the pivotal role played by racing legend Lewis Hamilton in turning the Hollywood star into a proper F1 driver. With the Briton’s guidance and expertise, the actor is stepping into the world of motorsport, aiming to deliver an authentic and thrilling portrayal of the sport on the big screen.

The Mentorship of a Champion

Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time F1 World Champion, has taken on the role of mentor to Brad Pitt during the filming of the F1-based movie. The Mercedes driver’s deep knowledge and experience in the sport have been invaluable in helping the veteran actor understand the nuances of the sport.

With Hamilton’s guidance, Pitt is gaining a deeper appreciation for the sport’s technicalities, strategies, and immense skill required to excel at the highest level of racing.

Immersion in the F1 World

To ensure authenticity, Pitt and his co-star Damson Idris, who portrays a young phenom driver in the film, have undergone rigorous training and testing at renowned race tracks. According to GQ magazine, the actors have experienced the sensation of downforce firsthand, offering them a genuine understanding of the physical demands of driving an F1 car.

Technical Expertise and Realism

The film’s technical team, led by director Joseph Kosinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, is leaving no stone unturned in delivering a realistic portrayal of F1 in APXGP. Cutting-edge technology, including 6K Imax-quality cameras installed inside the cockpit of an F1 car, will provide viewers with an immersive and visually stunning experience, taking them closer to the action than ever before.

Advocacy for the Sport

Hamilton, who is not only a co-producer of the film but also a passionate advocate for the sport, is determined to ensure that the film accurately represents the essence of F1. He emphasizes the need to respect the sport and showcase its intensity, skill, and dedication required to compete at the highest level.

By collaborating closely with the F1 teams and garnering their support, the film aims to capture the authentic spirit of the sport for both fans of the sport and casual movie-goers.

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