Keyvany Gives A Controversial Tune For The Mercedes-AMG G63… Again

Giancarlo Perlas July 6, 2023

In the world of automotive tuning, there are those who push the boundaries of design and performance. One such tuner, Keyvany, has recently gained attention for its audacious modifications to high-end vehicles. Recently, we have seen the tuner’s infamous take on the Mercedes-AMG SL63 and the Mercedes-AMG G63, and now, it’s making its mark again on another high-performance G-Wagen.

Bold Exterior

Keyvany’s take on the Mercedes-AMG G63 is far from subtle, so it’s really not for everyone’s preference. Based on the details provided by Autoevolution, the tuner boldly transforms the exterior, leaving an indelible mark on the vehicle.

The front bumper, grille, and hood receive a distinctive treatment, emphasizing their individuality. The side trims, rear bumper, and roof are not spared either, showcasing additional elements that contribute to a commanding presence.

Even the wheels, wrapped in thinner tires, accentuate the oversized front. Notably, the tuner’s emblem also replaces the iconic three-pointed star logo on the grille, leaving no doubt about the extremeness of this modification.

The Interior Extravaganza

While the rugged nature of an off-roader typically calls for sturdy upholstery, Keyvany takes a different approach. The G63’s interior is adorned with luxurious white leather, featuring intricate diamond quilting. Red accents on the center console, piping, and seatbelts add a vibrant touch.

Although this color combination might be more expected in a supercar, it undeniably adds a unique flair to the cabin. Additionally, a starlight headliner graces the interior, albeit without the refinement found in certain Rolls-Royce models.

Power Unleashed

The Mercedes-AMG G63 is no slouch in terms of performance, but Keyvany takes it to a whole new level. The tuner boasts an astonishing increase in power, far surpassing the stock figures.

While the original 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 engine delivers 577 horsepower, Keyvany claims an incredible 820 horsepower for their tuned version. Although specific details regarding performance enhancements are not provided, it’s safe to assume that this substantial power boost will result in improved acceleration and higher top speeds.

Controversy and Alternatives

Keyvany’s bold approach to tuning has sparked controversy among enthusiasts. While some appreciate the tuner’s audacious design choices, others argue that it’s quite excessive and it detracts from the original elegance of the G63.

However, it’s important to note that there are other tuners in the market who bring out the true potential of the vehicle without compromising its aesthetics. Brabus, for instance, offers a modification that transforms the G63 into a powerful six-wheel-drive overlander, providing a unique alternative for those seeking a more adventurous approach.

Final Thoughts

Keyvany’s controversial tune for the Mercedes-AMG G63 captures attention with its brash exterior modifications and opulent interior styling. While opinions may differ on the tuner’s audacious design choices, there’s no denying the significant increase in power that accompanies the transformation.

For those who seek to make a bold statement with their G63, Keyvany offers a compelling option. However, for those who prefer a more refined and adventurous approach, alternative tuners like Brabus provide enticing alternatives. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual’s personal taste and vision for their G-Class.

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