George Russell Poses A Warning To 2023 F1 Season-Leader Red Bull

Giancarlo Perlas June 9, 2023

The recently concluded Spanish Grand Prix showcased the upgraded W14 from Mercedes AMG Petronas, leaving a lasting impression on the Formula 1 circuit. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finished in second and third place, respectively, demonstrating the team’s renewed vigor. In the aftermath of the event, Russell emphasized that his team possesses an unparalleled ability to develop their cars at an accelerated pace compared to other teams.

The new developments in Mercedes F1 cars are generating renewed optimism for both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. (Photo Source: Mercedes-Benz Media)

Red Bull’s Head Start in Understanding the New Concept

Although the Mercedes F1 team has made significant strides with the W14, its understanding of the new concept remains somewhat limited. Red Bull, with an 18-month head start in terms of knowledge gained, has effectively capitalized on its early adoption.

Russell’s warning to Red Bull, however, suggests that the Brackley-based team is quickly closing the gap and is determined to reclaim its dominance in the sport.

The Abandonment of the Zero Sidepods Concept

One of the key developments in Mercedes’ pursuit of excellence is the abandonment of the zero sidepods concept. Initially introduced with the W13 during pre-season testing in 2022, this unconventional approach failed to yield the desired results.

While other teams swiftly abandoned the idea, Mercedes persisted before eventually unveiling the more conventional-looking W14 at the Monaco Grand Prix. McLaren boss Andrea Stella shed light on why the zero sidepods design was always bound to fail in a recent interview.

The Significance of Wide Sidepods and Downwash

Stella explained that the wider sidepods, a design favored by Red Bull, play a crucial role in generating ‘downwash’. This aerodynamic phenomenon effectively channels air towards the car’s floor and diffuser, enhancing overall performance.

The McLaren boss emphasized that teams across the grid are gravitating towards this concept, as it maximizes the suction of the floor and optimizes the load on the car. It’s a clear indication that Mercedes is now shifting its development in this direction to achieve similar results.

The Importance of Aerodynamics in Modern F1

Stella further emphasized the growing importance of aerodynamics in modern Formula 1 racing. Mechanical elements, such as the suspension layout, have now become integral components for aerodynamic performance.

Achieving a performance advantage through superior suspension alone is challenging. Instead, it is the design of the front wing, floor, and their interaction with the airflow that greatly influences the car’s performance.

Mercedes F1 is well aware of this shift. So it is now redirecting its focus towards aerodynamic advancements to maintain a competitive edge.

Final Thoughts on the Warning of George Russell to Red Bull

The warning of George Russell to Red Bull highlights Mercedes’ relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of car development in Formula 1. Despite Red Bull’s early advantage in understanding the new concept, Mercedes’ upgraded W14 showcased its potential at the Spanish Grand Prix. Furthermore, the team’s decision to abandon the zero sidepods concept demonstrates its adaptability and determination to improve.

With a renewed focus on wider sidepods and the importance of aerodynamics in modern racing, Mercedes is poised to regain the major spot it lost in F1 during the past few years.

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