Protecting Your Mercedes-Benz Car: Awesome Hacks You Need To Know

Giancarlo Perlas October 18, 2018

From the moment you take your Mercedes-Benz car out of the showroom and bring it home for the first time, it will become one of your most valuable and prized possessions. Having a car to drive each and every day is hugely important in this day and age, and you will want to make sure your vehicle is as safe as it can be when you aren’t there.

Here are some of our top tips for Mercedes car security that you need to know.

1. Track It

Did you know that you can buy tracking devices for your car at any motor store? These little gadgets aren’t only used in big car chases on TV, they can also be used in your own car at home to allow you to monitor it at all times. A GPS tracking device for cars is a great tool which can allow you to track your car if it is ever lost or stolen and it can help the police track down the suspect.

2. Hide Precious Items

If you want to have your car broken into then simply leave your bag, phone and wallet on the front seat when you go into the shops. The worst thing you can do for your car is to leave valuable items on display because this will draw in robbers who will try and take the easy opportunity of stealing anything valuable in the car. When you get out of the car either slide things under your seat or tuck them away in the trunk where they are safe and unseen.

3. Get a Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock isn’t just something you can use to make sure your sister doesn’t take your car to Zumba, it is also a decision which will stop robbers from being able to steer the car out of your drive and therefore it will make a big difference to your security. Simply pop it on after you finish driving and it will protect your car until you next get in.

4. Clamp It

If you either work or you live somewhere which is a little bit risky and perhaps a little high on crime; it can be a great idea for you to get yourself a wheel clamp or two to use on your vehicle when you park up. If someone did try to steal your car there is no way they would be able to move it and they would have to give up.

5. Block Your Driveway

Your driveway is the safest place for your vehicle at night, and it is the most advisable place to store your car apart from inside a garage. If you want to keep the drive safe you can have little blocks put up which you can lift and lock into place at night or when you are not using your car. It will prevent anyone from being able to get off your drive and therefore will decrease the risk of theft. It will also provide a good barrier to your home which is an extra bonus.

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