This is How Mercedes-Benz Digital Light Communicates with People

Giancarlo Perlas August 20, 2018

The function of the Mercedes-Benz Digital Light does not only revolve in improving road safety, it turns out that it can also be used to communicate with people and brighten up their mood. Recently, Mercedes released a video showing how the technology can project messages on surfaces and how people reacted to them.

The Mercedes-Benz Digital Light features high-definition headlamps with chips controlling over two million micromirrors. The light coming out from the system can be manipulated to form images and words that can let the driver of the car convey messages to pedestrians and other drivers. As the video shows, the lights work like projectors.

The technology provides an early warning to the driver too when there are things that require his or her attention like road hazards from construction works, animal crossing, pedestrian crossing, and more. Instead of showing the warnings on the instrument cluster, Digital Light reflects them directly at the driver’s field of vision on the road.

The system is effective in cautioning people within the vicinity of the auto as well. For example, the start of the video shows how the car warned the lady who appeared to be too occupied with her mobile phone to look up because she is about to get in the way of a bicycle.

The most important function of Digital Light though is that it does not only offer an optimum vision for the driver at night but it also adjusts the illumination of the lights for oncoming vehicles to prevent glare that may temporarily blind or distract other drivers.

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