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Mercedes S-Class And EQS Spied Testing New Autonomous Driving Tech

Mercedes-Benz started the year with a bang as it successfully gained approval to use its Level 3 autonomous driving technology on US roads. This makes the automaker the first in the world to achieve such a feat. Recently, the Mercedes S-Class and EQS were seen testing the feature further using LiDAR equipment which suggests that there’s likely more in store for their maker’s future self-driving cars. Mercedes LiDAR Testing As shown in the video above, Mercedes is seemingly testing a LiDAR device. As a recap, the luxury car maker just expanded its agreement with Luminar in February in an effort to continue its momentum in the development of its native… Continue Reading »


Top 3 Emission-Reducing Technologies For Mercedes-Benz

Recently, the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of the hundreds of thousands of Mercedes-Benz owners claiming misrepresentation of emission levels. In the run-up to this decision, the car giant was faced with endless lawsuits claiming that it installed so-called ‘defeat devices’ to skirt emissions testing, namely in nitrogen oxide emissions. Amid the decision, it remains to be seen how the courts of various countries (European countries, in this case) will handle such claims over time. Regardless, as Mercedes-Benz braces for millions in compensation payouts, it’s also set to upgrade its plants to ramp up electric vehicle production and phase out all fossil-fuel models in the next few decades…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Launches Fingerprint Payment System In Select Models

Mercedes-Benz proudly announced the launch of its new service that allows its users to pay for digital services and hardware upgrades by simply using the built-in fingerprint sensor of its cars. The in-car payment feature is made possible via the Delegated Authentication and Cloud Token Framework tech of Visa. The luxury car brand claimed that it is the first automaker to adopt the system. The new feature is only available for German customers for now. It’s initially offered in models equipped with fingerprint sensors, including the EQS, EQE, S-Class, C-Class, and GLC. The company is looking to integrate the tech into its wider range of vehicles and expand its market… Continue Reading »


Exploring the Best Software of CAD for Mercedes Car Modeling

3D car modeling is an integral part of the development process of Mercedes-Benz cars. They serve as an avenue for visualizing the end products that automakers want to achieve. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, manufacturers and designers are adopting and utilizing technological advancements for effective production. Automobile companies are ditching traditional manufacturing procedures for their high costs and limitation of production time. Car design is a complex process that requires the use of advanced tools and techniques to create high-quality and innovative designs. In this new era, CNC machining plays an important role in the prototyping and manufacturing of automotive parts. It allows car manufacturers to create a… Continue Reading »


Plans New Mercedes Operating System Called MB.OS Unveiled

Mercedes-Benz recently announced the ongoing development of its operating system called the “MB.OS”. The new tech is scheduled to be rolled out in the middle of the decade, and it will be integrated with the upcoming Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA) vehicle platform. MB.OS is designed in-house by the German luxury carmaker to enable the following: Full control of customer relationship Keep the privacy of its users Ensure the seamless integration of its system with its vehicles Key Features MB.OS features a purpose-built chip-to-cloud architecture. This governs all the components of the vehicles, including those that have to do with the car’s autonomous driving tech, infotainment system, comfort elements, driving dynamics,… Continue Reading »


5 Ways Mercedes-Benz Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been applied to various industries, including finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and more. It is often associated with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which were among the first use cases of blockchain technology. However, the utilization of this particular technology can also be extended to the cars and other key operations of Mercedes-Benz as well as other automakers. The integration of the various products and services of Mercedes in the blockchain can provide several potential benefits, including but not limited to the following: 1. Supply Chain Management Blockchain can help streamline the supply chain process for cars, ensuring that every step of the manufacturing and distribution… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz GLE Introduces New Tech For Off-Road Driving And Towing

The facelifted Mercedes-Benz GLE is now out with prices starting at $57,700. With this, buyers also enjoy a plethora of new features that can be integrated into its various trims, particularly a bunch of tech focused on off-road driving and towing which we will be exploring here. Off-Road Driving There are two new features for off-road driving introduced in the GLE. These are the Off-Road Engineering Package and the Off-Road Mode. The Off-Road Engineering Package is available for the GLE580 of the range, which equips it with an underride guard. Together with the Airmatic air suspension, it provides the SUV an added ground clearance of 1.2 inches for tackling uneven… Continue Reading »


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