2018 Mercedes-AMG SL63 Cabriolet Overwhelms the Competition

Giancarlo Perlas May 18, 2018

Don’t let its sexy and elegant looks fool you. The Mercedes-AMG SL63 Cabriolet is packing a lot of power. In last month’s Petrolhead Spring Events, it displayed its capabilities against its fellow Mercedes vehicles and a supercar.

The first challenger to the SL63 was a Mercedes GLE SUV. As expected, the lighter and more agile SL showed its dominance against the bigger vehicle from the get-go.

Next was a Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe. Again, the SL63 left its Mercedes sibling because of its quick acceleration. However, the high-performance S-Class appeared to catch up at the end of the line.

Last in the video was a Liberty Walk Nissan GTR R35. This time, we thought that the tuned supercar will finally beat the SL63. It was different story though when they were given the go signal.

While both cars had the equal footing in their initial run, the SL63 eventually left the Nissan mid-way.

We are not sure if the SL63’s engine has been tuned in some way, but looking at its decals, it received several visual upgrades from Thijs Timmermans.

Even in the stock configuration of the SL63, it remains a formidable foe on the race track. Beneath the hood of the car is an AMG 5.5-liter biturbo V8.

The power unit is capable of producing 577 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque distributed to the rear wheels via a seven-speed automatic transmission. The auto has a curb weight of 4,112 lbs. The setup allows the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just four seconds.

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