Mercedes E55 AMG Vs. Ferrari F430 Scuderia: Which One Will Win?

Giancarlo Perlas November 11, 2014
mercedes e55 amg

A drag race between a Ferrari F430 Scuderia (left) and the Mercedes E55 AMG (right).

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is one of the instantly recognizable ranges of the three-pointed star brand over decades. The car is not as sublime as the S-Class, as modest as the C-Class, nor as powerful as the AMG GT. However, with some tweaks from AMG and fitted with the right components, it can be a beast on the road.

Today, we will check out which one will win between a Mercedes E55 AMG vs. Ferrari F430 Scuderia in a straight up drag race. The video was apparently taken in February 2 of last year at the Countryline Race Way.

Tale of the Tape

Before we get to the video, let’s look at the tale of the tale of the tape of the two cars:

In one lane is a tuned-up Mercedes E55 AMG driven by someone known as Mrs. JS Benz. The engine specs of the car was not revealed but the unadulterated and straight-from-the-factory version of the auto packs up to 577 hp.

In the other lane is the Ferrari F430 Scuderia driven by a guy named Radd. He calls his car the Rad Ferrari. We are not sure if the car received extra modifications, but it probably did based from its engine noise and added power. Though we don’t have the official figures of the car’s engine output because it was not provided in the video, a standard version of it packs around 483 hp.

Video of the Drag Race Between the Mercedes E55 AMG Vs. Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Now here’s the video of the race, which was posted via YouTube for your indulgence:

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