“EcoScore” Trees by car2go, Now Available

Clarissa June 19, 2012

Car2go, the car-sharing network that uses smart fortwos announced their newest innovation – an application that evaluates driving style.

The tool called “EcoScore” determines three factors, smooth driving, acceleration and rolling out a point value between 0 and 100. These values or factors that can be checked using a touch-screen display can help car2go clients to know if their driving style can positively or negatively affect the environment.

The images that one would see in the screen are trees. They shrink or grow in size depending on how you rate and answer questions. The larger your trees are, the more environment-friendly your driving strategy is. It is better if animals can inhabit your trees too! But if one or two of the trees are so small, the screen will tell you to adjust your driving style accordingly.

For now, EcoScore is for information purposes only. However, in the future, the company plans on giving out rewards to environment-friendly drivers, one plan says that they would give out free minutes on car2go rentals.

“The smart fortwo car2go all users are already on the road with an environmentally friendly vehicle in the city. With the EcoScore they can now adjust their driving accordingly and do more for the environment and road safety, “Managing Director of car2go, Robert Henrich said. He also added, “This type of measurement is so far only very few car models. As a pioneer and the only international player in the car market more flexible short-term rentals, we are pleased that our innovative features now also provide more than 100,000 customers worldwide. ”

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