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Diagnosing And Fixing A Mercedes Fuel Injector Problem

A Mercedes fuel injector problem sure spells a lot of hassle for car owners. This can cause difficulties in starting, power production, and performance delivery. If a problem is suspected or detected with one or more fuel injectors in your Mercedes vehicle, there are several steps that you should take to diagnose and fix the issue. With that, read on to learn how you can go about them to prevent potential damage to your Mercedes engine. How Fuel Injectors Work in Mercedes Vehicles Fuel injectors are responsible for supplying fuel to the engine of a Mercedes vehicle. They do this by spraying small amounts of fuel directly into the combustion… Continue Reading »


10,000 Mercedes EV Charging Stations Targeted Globally

Mercedes-Benz has already positioned itself as a formidable challenger to the dominance of Tesla in the electric vehicle market. The German brand has also overtaken the American automaker in getting a certification for Level 3 autonomous vehicles. However, one major criticism on our beloved brand is the lack of its own charging stations for EVs. This comes amid the rising demand for them and the automaker’s ever-expanding EV portfolio. With that, the company announced its plan to build around 10,000 Mercedes EV charging stations worldwide to appease its consumer base. It All Starts in North America The roadmap of Mercedes for its own EV charging stations starts in North America…. Continue Reading »


Is the Mercedes-Benz W124 the Best Classic Car?

When Mercedes-Benz launched the W124 back in 1984, it represented a watershed moment for a number of reasons. It was the first model to be given the designation E-Class and it also boasted a look that astonished people. The combination of a bold new design, reduced fuel consumption, and a range of innovative features has ensured legendary status for the car in the years since then. Is it the best classic car of all though? What Makes the W124 Special? Devised by Bruno Sacco, the gentle rise of the body, short overhang at the front and high-tail trunk changed ideas about what sedan cars should look like. That design appears… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz CLA Gets a Mid-Cycle Refresh for the 2023 Model Year

The Mercedes-Benz CLA receives a mid-cycle refresh for the 2023 model year. The three-pointed star marque revamped the four-door, compact coupe with a new face, more advanced tech, and upgraded powertrain options. The CLA serves as an important model in Mercedes as it bridges the gap between the A-Class and the C-Class. It is also touted as a trendsetter in the compact segment of the German automaker. The arrival of the 2023 CLA means the following new features of the range: Exterior The facelifted CLA offers some significant updates in its snout featuring a revised front grille with a scattered star pattern making up its mesh, new LED high-performance headlamps,… Continue Reading »


Long-Time Tesla Fan Reveals 3 Reasons for Shifting to Mercedes EQS

Why would someone want to shift from a Tesla Model S to a Mercedes-Benz EQS? A long-time owner of the famous American EV reveals the reason why she jumped ship to the three-pointed star marque of the Germans in an interview. Christine Orita, a 65-year-old former Tesla fan, explained in an interview with Business Insider the story behind her decision to switch from her Model S to the EQS. According to her, she was initially swayed by Tesla boss Elon Musk’s promise to contribute to making a greener earth through the products of his company. With that, she placed a deposit for the said car in 2012, which was finally… Continue Reading »


4 Ways to Successfully Reset a Mercedes Airmatic Problem

If you are experiencing a Mercedes Airmatic problem, yet there are no parts damage on your end and you suspect that it is only a glitch in the electrical system causing it, there are ways to reset the system to bring it back in order. In this article, we will provide you with some quick tips to safely reset the Mercedes Airmatic system to bring it back to its correct operation. The most common ways to reset the Mercedes Airmatic suspension system are thru a battery reset, onboard diagnostics (OBD) system reset, specialized Mercedes lowering tool, and electronic control unit (ECU) reflashing. About the Mercedes Airmatic System In 2000, Mercedes-Benz… Continue Reading »


Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz E-Class Test Mule Tries Out EQC-Styled Lights

A suspected test mule for the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class was recently spotted testing. One particular detail that stuck out in the spy photos of the car was its new lighting up front, which resembled that of the ones equipped in the EQC. The new spy shots from Motor1 reveals the upcoming E-Class testing under what appears to be wet or cold environment. Only its nose and rear end are covered, which make it look like the E-Class is getting another facelift. However, that’s not the case since the range already underwent that phase. The most likely scenario is that we are looking at a test mule for… Continue Reading »


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