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Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 Gets a New Look From Larte Design

Larte Design starts the month of November by announcing its new body kit for the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63. The new package called “Winner” provides a more aggressive look for the luxury flagship SUV of the three-pointed star marque. Larte Design is no longer a stranger when it comes to tuning Mercedes vehicles. Among its works include the AMG GT 43 4-Door, GLE SUV and Coupe, and even the V-Class. Like its predecessors, the GLS package is only limited to cosmetic enhancements highlighted by carbon fiber elements here and there. Among the changes in the luxury SUV can be found on the hood, side mirror caps, extended fenders with integrated air… Continue Reading »


Mercedes F1 Crown Is Now Truly in Jeopardy

Five races remain in the 2021 Formula One season. As you might imagine, much of the focus is going on the clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The former has cantered to the F1 Drivers’ Championship this last few years and was widely expected to do the same this year. Verstappen had other ideas, however, and we are now being treated to a battle for the drivers’ F1 crown that looks too close to call, although Verstappen has the edge right now. Yet while that pair have offered a – much-needed – bit of drama to draw in the casual motor racing fan, their enmity has perhaps taken some… Continue Reading »


How to Choose the Best CB Radio for Your G-Class and Jeep

It’s no secret that CB radios can be used to enhance your off-road experience for your G-Class, Jeep or other SUVs. Maybe you want to be the first to know when a big mud hole opens up. Or maybe you want to let everyone else know about the great new trails you’ve discovered. Whatever your reason, you must choose the right CB radio for your needs. With all of the different models and settings on the market, it can be unclear just trying to find the right one. So how do you choose the best CB radio for your off-road vehicle? What type of off-roader are you? The first question… Continue Reading »


How to Bet on Car Racing Like F1, DTM, NASCAR, and Other Motorsports

Online betting is becoming more and more popular. People of all ages enjoy the thrill of betting on their favorite sport. If you happen to love Formula One or DTM, and you want to learn how to bet on car racing, here’s a guide. Car racing is one of the most popular types of betting around the globe. That is why Mercedes is investing a lot into major motorsport events like the F1 and DTM. Wagering on car racing engages both established bettors and newcomers, especially those looking for thrill and enthusiasm.?The betting discipline is being modernized with online betting. These days people of all age groups participate for some… Continue Reading »


AZUTO: Designing a Custom Cup Holder for Mercedes G-Class

AZUTO specializes in creating high-quality products designed specifically for Mercedes G-Class. The Japan-based company’s products are carefully crafted to work and appear as genuine accessories for vehicles bearing the three-pointed star logo. G-Class offers great utility as a vehicle but it could also use more cup holders.  AZUTO cup holder is designed specifically for the G-Class to match the design of the interior.  Unlike generic cup holders, it uses an installation kit to ensure a perfect fit and attaches flush against the vent. We had a chance to interview Akihiko Manaka who is a senior manager for the company’s product development department and asked him about how the product was… Continue Reading »


How To Install Wiper Blades for Your Mercedes C350 and Honda Civic

One of the most straightforward auto maintenance tasks is replacing windshield wipers. Explore the steps to find your Mercedes-Benz C350 or Honda Civic 2012 wiper blade size, signs they need to be replaced, and where you can order highly rated wipers for your car. Signs of Bad Windshield Wipers A new, highly rated pair of windshield wiper blades should glide effortlessly across your windshield and leave it free from streaks, liquid and debris. If you have an older set of blades, you’ll likely be frustrated with the results. Here are some major signs that it’s time for this easy maintenance task: Streaks on your windshield Chattering or screeching while your… Continue Reading »


What Do I Need to Run My Mercedes-Benz Car Safely?

When you purchase a new vehicle for work or leisure, you may want to figure out the best ways to stay safe when out on the road, especially when you are driving a Mercedes-Benz where repairs can get pretty expensive. Depending on where you live, some of these may be mandatory, while others can simply help aid your health and welfare. Considering the different aspects of driving, and problems that might occur can allow you to better prepare yourself beforehand, meaning events may be less likely to take place, or not occur at all. Insuring Your Vehicle Depending on your state of residence, you may only be required to have… Continue Reading »


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