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Mercedes-Benz Dials Back To ICE Cars After EVs Fail To Boost Profit

Going Back to the Basics Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius revealed during the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting that they are getting their sights back on internal combustion engine (ICE) cars instead of going all-in on electric vehicles (EV). This somehow supports the earlier statements of US dealership owners and insiders that the dwindling EV sales have forced the German automaker to change its stance on its electrification target. “They’re not going to force [EVs] on the market,” an unnamed Mercedes retailer said in an interview with Automotive News. “They are going to allow the market to dictate.” The move is in line with the brand’s “Economics of Desire” business slogan wherein… Continue Reading »


Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class Makes Its World Premiere In LA And Beijing

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has greatly evolved from its military background to a status symbol for the Who’s Who of different industries, especially in the entertainment sector and the political arena. This year marks another milestone for the cultural icon of the three-pointed star marque as it just simultaneously held the world premiere of its new electric model at a Franklin Canyon Park event and the Beijing Auto Show. The electric G-Class already made its soft launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last January. However, the key specifications of the auto weren’t detailed at that point, except for the revolutionary tank-turn functionality that allows it to rotate… Continue Reading »


Test Mule For Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz V-Class Spied

Vans may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, their versatility brings a lot to the table. As displayed by Mercedes-Benz vans like the Sprinter and V-Class/Vito, they are as capable as cars and SUVs in handling different powertrains and builds. Unlike the rest though, the architecture of vans from the three-pointed star marque has an edge when it comes to tailoring them for specialized purposes whether it is mainly driven for transporting passengers or cargo. Mercedes vans further stand out when it comes to their recreational potential as displayed by the Marco Polo and other aftermarket tuning builds like the Winnebago Sprinter. Recognizing the importance of this niche in… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Downshifts To ICEs Amid Stagnating Demand For EVs

Previously, insiders within Mercedes-Benz revealed the brand’s prioritization of its ICE and hybrid models. The decision apparently came due to the dwindling interest of buyers in EVs, the shortage in semiconductor components, and the higher profit margins offered by its gasoline-fed units. Recently, this move was confirmed by several sources. The brand’s strategy goes in line with its “Economics of Desire” business strategy wherein it does not shove down products in consumers’ throats. Instead, it adjusts to what market trends dictate. In this case, it had something to do with the buyers’ rekindled preference toward ICE vehicles. “They’re not going to force [EVs] on the market,” a Mercedes retailer said… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Ditches Plans For Two-Cylinder Range Extender

Citing inside sources within Mercedes-Benz, Autocar claimed the luxury automaker’s initial plan was to install a specially-tailored two-cylinder version of the M254 four-cylinder engine with an exhaust system in front of its EVs. The petrol-fed unit with an unspecified fuel capacity was initially intended to serve as a generator whenever the car is running on low power. The hardware does not provide a performance boost because it was only designed as a backup and it had no direct link to the wheels. One of the test mules used for the project was a rear-wheel drive EQS 450+ and the implementation of the system has reportedly led to the bump of its range… Continue Reading »


Genuine Parts Vs Aftermarket Parts: Which Is Better For Your Mercedes?

For vehicle owners and mechanics, the ongoing argument of whether to use genuine parts vs aftermarket parts is a tough one. Some say they’d swear by aftermarket parts, while others would only go for genuine parts.  So, which is better, especially for a Mercedes-Benz vehicle? Which way do you turn when you need repairs for your car? Here’s a quick comparison to help you make a decision. What are genuine parts? Genuine or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are engine components or parts of your car that were originally designed by the car manufacturer. For example, if you need a cylinder head and get the OEM part, it’s coming directly… Continue Reading »


A Guide To The Digital Extras Available For You Via The Mercedes me Store

In today’s digital age, connectivity and convenience are the cornerstones of our everyday lives. The automotive industry is no exception. As a Mercedes-Benz automotive owner, you’ll be able to lean on the German giant’s commitment to innovation and luxury. The Mercedes me Store Options The Mercedes me Store offers a host of “Digital Extras” which enhance the overall driving experience for its discerning customers. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Mercedes’ Digital Extras and what each package entails, let’s assess how they can elevate the immersivity of your experience behind a Mercedes steering wheel. Each of these Digital Extras packages can be paid for using VISA or Mastercard, as… Continue Reading »


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