Mercedes-Benz Shatters Safety Standards With Pioneering Electric Vehicle Crash Test

Giancarlo Perlas October 13, 2023

Mercedes-Benz, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge automotive engineering and unwavering commitment to safety, has recently achieved a remarkable milestone by conducting a groundbreaking public crash test of its own electric vehicles (EVs). This demonstration involving the EQA and EQS SUV reinforces the brand’s unwavering dedication to passenger safety, and it goes beyond legal requirements and industry standards. The test took place at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre for Vehicle Safety in Sindelfingen, and it marks a significant leap forward in ensuring the safety of EVs.

Mercedes-Benz Crash Test
Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Media

A Bold Step Towards Electric Vehicle Safety

Mercedes-Benz has taken a bold step by becoming the world’s first car manufacturer to conduct a frontal offset crash test involving two electric vehicles, setting a new benchmark for electric vehicle safety. Unlike conventional crash tests that adhere to legal requirements and industry standards, Mercedes-Benz took it a step further by colliding an EQA and an EQS SUV head-on with a 50 percent overlap at a speed of 56 km/h each according to a press release.

This remarkable test aimed to simulate real-life accident scenarios, such as those occurring on rural roads during failed overtaking maneuvers. By conducting the test at a higher speed and with heavier vehicles, Mercedes challenged its EVs to absorb a considerable amount of crash energy by deforming effectively, thus, ensuring the safety of passengers.

The passenger cell of both electric models remained intact, and the high-voltage systems switched off automatically during the collision.

A Commitment Beyond Drive Systems

Mercedes-Benz is renowned for its unwavering commitment to safety, and this recent crash test involving electric vehicles underscores its philosophy that safety transcends the choice of drive system. Regardless of whether it’s an electric vehicle or a traditional combustion engine model, the luxury automaker is dedicated to providing an equally high level of safety. This commitment reflects its vision of accident-free driving, going beyond the objectives set by organizations like the WHO and the United Nations Regional Commissions.

To ensure a thorough assessment of occupant safety, both the EQA and EQS SUV carried two adult dummies, including three females and one male. The results, measured through up to 150 data points per dummy, indicated a low risk of serious to fatal injuries. This underscores the effectiveness of the vehicles’ crumple zones and advanced restraint systems, offering superior protection for occupants during a crash of this severity.

Focus on Realistic Testing

Mercedes-Benz’s approach to safety extends to its choice of dummies used in crash tests. The fifth percentile female dummy, representing a woman of approximately 1.5 meters in height and weighing around 49 kilograms, was placed in the driver’s seat of both vehicles. This approach aligns with the statistics, as only five percent of women worldwide are smaller or lighter.

Using these dummies allows Mercedes to design protection systems that cater to a broader range of customers, in line with the requirements of consumer protection associations and legal standards.

Advanced High-Voltage Safety

Mercedes-Benz has taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of electric vehicles in the event of a collision. The German carmaker’s multi-stage high-voltage protection concept includes features such as separate positive and negative wiring and a self-monitoring high-voltage system that automatically shuts off during a severe collision.

These measures exceed not only legal requirements but also consumer protection standards, demonstrating Mercedes-Benz’s dedication to the safety of electric vehicles.

“Safety Symphony” – A New Perspective on Safety

In a new campaign, Mercedes-Benz delves into the split seconds of a crash, visualizing how various safety systems work together in perfect harmony to protect lives. The campaign, titled “Safety Symphony,” captures these critical moments in super slow motion.

It emphasizes the intricate coordination of safety systems in a way that resembles a classical symphony, where all elements come together to create something truly extraordinary.

A History of Safety Excellence

The commitment of Mercedes-Benz to safety spans over six decades, and this recent crash test builds on a wealth of experience. Since 2016, the brand has conducted crash tests at its state-of-the-art Technology Centre for Vehicle Safety in Sindelfingen. This facility, one of the world’s largest and most modern, facilitates up to 900 crash tests and 1,700 sled tests annually.

The brand’s dedication to real-world safety has its roots in the Accident Research unit, founded in 1969, which analyzes accidents involving its vehicles to continually improve safety systems.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, Mercedes-Benz’s recent milestone in publicly crash-testing electric vehicles demonstrates its unrelenting commitment to passenger safety and reinforces its vision of accident-free driving. By surpassing legal requirements and industry standards, it sets a new precedent for electric vehicle safety, setting a benchmark for the entire industry to follow.

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