A Kiteboarder’s Companion: The “Slim Chance” Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Camper Van

Giancarlo Perlas August 3, 2023

For kiteboarders and outdoor sports enthusiasts, the custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper build known as “Slim Chance” by Outside Van presents an unparalleled solution for hauling gear and providing a comfortable living space on the go. Designed in collaboration with professional kiteboarder Ewan Jaspan and Naish USA, this bespoke camper van presents itself as a unique road companion for kiteboarders.

The Ultimate Off-Road Companion

The foundation of the Slim Chance camper van is a 2023 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 Chassis with all-wheel drive capability, providing the ideal platform for tackling various terrains with ease. According to Outside Van, the vehicle has undergone the RIP Kit suspension upgrade from Agile Off-Road, enhancing ride height and load-carrying capacity, making it ideal for accommodating the added equipment required for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Slim Chance exterior (Image Source: Outside Van)

Illumination for Nighttime Activities

Safety and convenience are paramount when traversing unknown territories, especially during nighttime activities. With this, the Slim Chance camper van is well-equipped with illumination to light up dark pathways.

50-inch roof light bar on Slim Chance (Image Source: Outside Van)

It boasts a 50-inch light bar on the roof, SAE fog lights on the front brush bar, side lamps, and rear-facing lights on the roof rack, ensuring clear visibility even in the most challenging conditions.

Powering Up in the Wilderness

Living off the grid is made possible by a robust 960 amp-hour lithium battery that keeps the electricity flowing in the Slim Chance camper van. Moreover, a secondary alternator and a 140-watt solar panel mounted on the roof continuously recharge the battery pack, providing an eco-friendly and sustainable power solution for extended trips in the great outdoors.

Versatile and Ample Storage

Outdoor sports gear can be cumbersome to carry, but the Slim Chance camper van offers highly adaptable storage solutions to keep everything neatly organized. With L-track and modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) panels, hanging and securing gear to the walls becomes a breeze.

MOLLE panels for organizing stuff in Slim Chance (Image Source: Outside Van)

Additionally, a floor-mounted gear glider allows for easy loading and unloading of bulky equipment, complete with a drainage system for drying wet items.

Comfort and Convenience on the Road

After an exhilarating day of kiteboarding, the Slim Chance camper van ensures that adventurers can unwind in comfort. A cleverly designed Murphy bed with memory foam cushions folds down from the gear-holding wall, providing a cozy sleeping space for restful nights.

A peek inside Slim Chance (Image Source: Outside Van)

Entertaining oneself during downtime is equally enjoyable, thanks to the JL-Audio stereo system and Starlink satellite internet available inside the cabin.

A Kitchenette for Culinary Tasks

Every adventurer needs sustenance, and the Slim Chance camper van delivers on that front as well. The kitchenette is a culinary haven, featuring two bamboo islands with a foldable panel that expands the space.

Kitchenette for people on the go. (Image Source: Outside Van)

A 24-gallon fresh water tank, microwave, refrigerator, and induction cooktop ensure that delicious meals can be prepared on the go. Ample drawers provide space for storing pots, pans, and silverware, making cooking a delightful experience.

An Outdoor Shower for Refreshing Breaks

Lastly, nature lovers will appreciate the thoughtful addition of an outdoor shower, perfect for washing off the day’s adventures and reconnecting with nature. The shower platform attaches to the tow hitch and features teak wood inserts for a touch of luxury, all while offering privacy with an opaque curtain.

Outdoor shower after a long day of kiteboarding (Image Source: Outside Van)

An Exclusive Concept

The Slim Chance camper van represents a unique concept born from the collaboration between Outside Van, Ewan Jaspan, and Naish USA. While it won’t be mass-produced, the bespoke van will be available for purchase by a lucky buyer after its use for marketing purposes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper build, also known as “Slim Chance,” redefines the camper van experience for kiteboarders and outdoor sports enthusiasts. With its versatile storage, off-road capabilities, and comfortable amenities, this camper van is undoubtedly a kiteboarder’s dream come true.

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