2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Botches A Donut Attempt At Goodwood FoS

Giancarlo Perlas July 17, 2023

Instead of making a grand demo at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed, a near-production prototype of the second-generation Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe took an unexpected detour off the beaten path. While attempting to dazzle the crowd with a display of power and agility, the driver’s ambitions got the best of him, resulting in a failed donut attempt that left the vehicle slightly bruised but not defeated. The incident, though humbling for the driver, provided an exciting glimpse into the forthcoming model’s capabilities.

2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Shows Off

Dressed in a vibrant camouflage, the AMG GT Coupe, aiming to rival the iconic Porsche 911, made its way up the renowned Goodwood hill climb. The slick surface enabled the driver to push the boundaries and showcase the car’s performance prowess based on the video from TFJJ via YouTube. With a series of donuts planned to captivate onlookers, the driver executed a mesmerizing display of control and power, until the final maneuver didn’t quite go as intended.

An Unplanned Off-Roading Adventure

In an unforeseen twist, the AMG GT Coupe veered slightly off-course, traversing a grass embankment and grazing a haystack. Thankfully, the mishap left no serious damage, apart from a potential bruise on the front diffuser. As common practice dictates, most prototypes face an unfortunate fate at the hands of the crusher. However, select models are preserved for posterity by automakers, ensuring their place in automotive history.

Design Clues and Performance Hints

Observing the quad exhaust tips, it becomes apparent that this particular AMG GT Coupe likely represents the range-topping “63” model. Contrasting the round tips of its “53” and “43” counterparts, the prominent rectangular configuration hints at the presence of a powerful V8 engine lurking beneath the elongated hood. The captivating exhaust notes further emphasize the thrilling performance of this highly anticipated vehicle.

A Sleek Transformation and a Shared Heritage

Beneath the eye-catching camouflage lies what appears to be the final production body of the AMG GT Coupe, showcasing its sleek and captivating design. As expected, this model borrows elements from the coupe-inspired SL, as both vehicles were developed jointly by AMG. While the GT Coupe leans towards sportiness, the SL embraces its identity as a luxurious touring vehicle, striking a balance between performance and comfort.

A Glimpse Behind Closed Doors

Prior to its captivating display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mercedes offered a sneak preview of the new AMG GT Coupe to a limited audience during the exclusive AMG GT Live Sneak Preview event in Affalterbach. Attendees were treated to an immersive experience, exploring the factory where these remarkable vehicles are crafted and even getting behind the wheel of other notable Mercedes models, including the SL 63, C63 S E Performance, and the fully electric EQE 53.

World Premiere of the Next-Gen Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe

Although the official date for the world premiere remains undisclosed, the fact that select individuals have already witnessed the new AMG GT Coupe suggests that its public debut is imminent, potentially within a matter of weeks. It is likely that the online premiere will be followed by a grand unveiling at the IAA Munich in Germany, slated for early September, and perhaps a subsequent appearance at the 2023 NAIAS in Detroit later that month.

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