Mansory Reveals The Power-Packed, Carbon-Clad Mercedes-AMG SL 63

Giancarlo Perlas June 22, 2023

Mansory just presented its bold rendition of the Mercedes-AMG SL 63. As we all know by now, no car from the three-pointed star marque gets off easy once this tuner gets its hands on them. With that, this renowned specialist has infused the iconic roadster with a distinctive visual makeover and a jaw-dropping power boost, making it a force to be reckoned with on the open road.

The Current-Generation Mercedes-AMG SL 63

In the final quarter of 2021, Mercedes-AMG introduced the eagerly awaited R232 generation of the SL series. Boasting a stunning design and cutting-edge features, this roadster sets new benchmarks.

Featuring a convertible rag top that opens and closes in just 15 seconds, the SL 63 offers an exhilarating driving experience at speeds of up to 37 mph (60 kph).

Mansory’s Touch

Over the past year and a half, several tuners have left their mark on the SL, but Mansory has truly made a statement on it. Embracing controversy and pushing boundaries, Mansory has transformed the auto’s most potent variant both visually and mechanically.

Power and Performance

Under the hood of the latest Mansory AMG SL 63 lies a beastly 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 engine. This powerhouse generates a staggering 838 horsepower and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque, enabling the roadster to sprint from 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) in just 3.2 seconds.

With a top speed of 206 mph (332 kph), this tuned masterpiece is a true supercar challenger.

Aesthetics Redefined

Mansory’s distinctive visual upgrades have given the SL 63 a commanding presence on the road. From the modified grille and hood to the redesigned side mirrors and fender flares, every detail exudes aggression and individuality.

The rear diffuser, tailpipes, and trunk lid spoiler enhance aerodynamics while showcasing Mansory’s craftsmanship. The roadster rides on sleek 10.5×21-inch front and 12×22-inch rear wheels, elevating its sporty appeal.

Luxury and Comfort

Inside the Mansory SL 63, opulence meets performance. Carbon fiber inlays, aluminum sports pedals, and new floor mats add a touch of refinement. Meanwhile, the white leather upholstery with diamond quilting exudes elegance, complemented by dust-gathering piano black accents.

The roadster also features a host of premium amenities, including an infotainment system with a portrait-oriented screen, digital dials, ambient lighting, and electrically adjustable seats with warm air blowing through the headrests to enhance comfort during top-down drives.

Exclusivity and Value

The Mansory AMG SL 63 represents a unique opportunity for automotive enthusiasts. While the price is undisclosed, it is evident that this customized masterpiece commands a significant premium over the base model.

With the stock AMG SL 63 already valued at nearly €200,000 in Germany and starting at $178,100 in the United States, the Mansory version is likely to carry a price tag about twice the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or even higher.

Final Thoughts

Mansory’s daring reinterpretation of the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 showcases its craftsmanship and innovation. From the awe-inspiring power boost to the striking carbon-fiber enhancements, this roadster embodies the perfect fusion of performance and aesthetics.

With its ability to turn heads and outperform rivals, the Mansory AMG SL 63 is a testament to the ongoing pursuit of automotive excellence.

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