The Return of Darth Toto: Mercedes Taps Into The Dark Side For The Title

Giancarlo Perlas March 31, 2023

Formula 1 Twitter went abuzz during the Australian Grand Prix weekend as the rain brought back the meme that has become iconic in the racing circles, and that’s Darth Toto. The nickname, inspired by the Sith Lords in the Star Wars series, is attributed to Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff’s hooded look, which has become a staple in the sport.

The meme first surfaced a couple of years ago showing Wolff in various blacked-out outfits ranging from a black turtle neck to a black raincoat complete with a face mask. Since then, it has become a recurring theme on social media networks like Twitter.

Darth Toto with a mask and Star Wars villain Emperor Sheev Palpatine. (Photo Source: Reddit)

Even official F1 accounts have joined in on the fray, posting pictures of Darth Toto with humorous captions. It’s no surprise that the meme has caught on with fans as Wolff’s commanding presence and enigmatic personality are reminiscent of the Star Wars series’ big bad, Emperor Sheev Palpatine a.k.a Darth Sidious.

Mercedes supporters are joking around that the Sith Lord may use his force powers to help Lewis Hamilton secure his eighth World Drivers’ Championship title. The seven-time champ’s recent struggles have left fans worried, but with Darth Toto back in action, they say that the team may have a chance to turn their fortunes around.

The meme’s popularity is a testament to Wolff’s impact on the sport and his ability to capture the imagination of fans. His unique management style has made him a memorable figure in F1, and the Darth Toto meme is just one of the many ways in which fans have expressed their appreciation for his key contributions to the sport.

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