Get Top Value for Your Junk Mercedes Car

Giancarlo Perlas June 11, 2018

Disposing of an older luxury car can be very convenient. There are a number of options available; you can sell a junk Mercedes car, donate an aging luxury car, or parcel it out for parts. No matter which route you choose to take, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research before you sell your junk car in Vegas—especially when that car was once a shiny new Benz.

Become Familiar With Used Car Valuation Systems

There are many online sites that offer cash for old vehicles and some of these are willing to tow them away with no additional costs. When you use resources, such as a car valuation site, you have a better chance of predicting a fair turnover price for your car. Be aware, however, these sites typically come up with amounts based on vehicles that are still running well.

The typical method of valuation involves considering the age of the car and its value if there is no significant damage. Next, consider the cost of making any repairs that would be necessary to get the car running again. Finally, take a look at the market value of similar cars; how much are they currently selling for? Ask for quotes from a handful of different online buyers. This will help you determine a fair asking price.

Appreciate the Value of Parts

There are several automobile components that are worth money on their own. These include the GPS systems once available in older cars, fenders, bumpers, tailgates, doors without damage, and bumpers. Of course, some of the parts under the hood are also valuable, such as catalytic converters, batteries, and oil filters. You may also want to consider selling any unused airbags, windshield wiper arms, wheels, tires, rims, air conditioning systems, radios, and oil filters.

If you aren’t excited about the amount you might get selling your car whole, you may consider doing some additional work and selling the parts separately. Just remember, you’ll need enough space to store the vehicle and do the work necessary to remove parts. You’ll also want to factor in the time necessary to sell all of those parts.

Learn to Negotiate With Buyers

After you become confident in the value of your vehicle and you’ve settled on a reliable place to sell your junk car in Vegas, you’ll begin negotiations. You’ll probably find that the site requires you to complete an online form with details about the car. You’ll probably receive a quote from the prospective buyer, based on the information you’ve provided. If that estimate is a good match based on your research, you’re good to go. Otherwise, you can use your research to convince the agent of a better price.

Clean Out the Car

After you’ve successfully sold your car and before you deliver it, make sure to thoroughly clean out the car. There may be a lot of change or possessions under the seats. Don’t forget to go through the glove compartment and the trunk of the car; jumper cables, tow ropes, and other supplies are valuable as well. Finally, make sure you have the title in hand. (You can’t sell it without this document.)

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