10 Ways To Avoid DUI or DWIs When Driving Your Mercedes

Giancarlo Perlas May 28, 2018

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) in your Mercedes-Benz puts other drivers at risk, can ruin a person’s reputation, and can result in hefty fines. It can even result in job loss and destroy relationships. Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident because he/she was drunk or have to go to court after failing to make alternative driving arrangements.

Being arrested and convicted for a DUI or DWI can be quite devastating and can have significant legal ramifications according to DUI attorney Fortunately, drunk driving can be avoided in numerous ways. The 10 tips below will help people avoid DUI or DWI.

1. Pick a Reliable Person to be the Designated Driver

People that plan to go out drinking should pick a designated driver that will not drink. It is important for the person to be aware of what’s expected of him/her and is trusted to uphold his/her end of the bargain. The driver should have a valid license, know everybody’s address, and have emergency contact information at hand.

2. Use Public Transport

Public transportation is an important option when people go out drinking. People should try taking a taxi, train, or bus instead of relying on a designated driver. All the three options are affordable and easy ways to reach your home safely.

3. Sleep Over or Book a Hotel

If you are headed out for a special event or a New Year’s Eve party, you should book a hotel room or make arrangements to sleep over if you wish to avoid a DUI/DWI. People can therefore enjoy the event without the need to worry about how to get home safely.

4. Take or Hide a Person’s Keys

If there’s temptation to drive, people need to hand over their keys after they start driving. If a loved one is drinking and believes that he/she is driving, other people need to take or “hold” the keys for their own protection. Drunk people often feel that they are invincible and hiding the keys helps remove the temptation to drive.

5. Substitute Drinks

Party hosts can prevent guests from drinking and driving or getting DWI/DUIs by using smart strategies. It is important to have a variety of drink alternatives such as soda, water, and juice on hand since it ensures that the designated drivers never lack something to sip on and also helps the people that have been drinking cancel out all the alcohol.

6. Provide Food

Hosts always need to have food available since it helps guests absorb alcohol better. It is advisable to include both snacks and filling foods such as bread. People even offer their guest dinner first to ensure that everyone that drinks has had something to eat. It ensures that people never get too drunk and then attempt to drive home.

7. Reduce the Alcohol Supply Early On

It is important for the hosts to cut off the supply of alcohol or keg before the party is over. It helps ensure that guests never get drunk and then attempt to drive. It is advisable to give guests a few hours without alcohol so that they never try to drink and drive.

8. Pay Attention to the Guests

A responsible host pays attention to the people that are and those that aren’t drunk. If a guest has driven to the event and is currently drinking, hosts should either arrange transportation or demand that such a guest stays the night to allow for everybody to have breakfast together. This is a simple but effective way to keep drunk drivers off the road.

9. Get in Touch with Loved Ones

If a particular guest is too drunk to drive, you should call family members, mutual friends, or a significant other to see if they can come pick up the individual. If a party host does this, then the loved one will probably come. The guest might protest initially, but once his/her loved one shows up, they are more likely to give in.

10. Start Early

Starting events early is important to allow people to enjoy their drinks without the danger of getting drunk, driving, and eventually getting a DWI/DUI. Party hosts need to keep this in mind. When people go out for happy hour or birthday events, starting early makes getting home safely easier. Public transportation is still operational, people are awake, and there’s more time for people to sober up.

Taking the precautions required helps protect people from DWI/DUIs. Nobody wishes to get on the road only to make a mistake that changes their life. Public transportation, designated drivers, and smart choices ensure that people never get on the road after drinking. It is better to be safe than sorry to ensure that cars aren’t totaled, people aren’t hurt, and so people can avoid job loss, jail time, or even making a mistake they cannot take back.

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