Mercedes-Benz GLT Vs Nissan Navara: A Quick Comparison

Giancarlo Perlas October 22, 2016
mercedes-benz glt vs nissan navarra (1)

Teaser of the Mercedes-Benz GLT.

mercedes-benz glt vs nissan navarra (2)

The Nissan Navara.

Mercedes-Benz is finally unveiling its GLT pickup truck on October 25 in Stockholm. That’s what we learned from the teaser the automaker released recently.

The Mercedes-Benz GLT is based on the platform used by the Nissan Navarra. Therefore, most people just couldn’t help but compare the two pickup trucks.

It should be reminded though that the GLT which will be revealed a few days from now is still in its concept form, so there is a possibility that the production model might be different from the one shown in Stockholm. Nevertheless, let us discuss the similarities and variations of the vehicles based on what we learned so far about the Vision GLT and the current Nissan Navara.

Although pickups are viewed as utility vehicles, both the GLT and the Navara are designed to optimize their hauling capacity and off-roading capabilities while mixing those elements with a sleek styling usually found on modern SUVs. The Navara, in particular, has that combination of aggressiveness and sportiness in its form.

The GLT on the other hand, shares that same concept but it distances itself from the Navara with its Mercedes-Benz design language. The pickup of the three-pointed star brand carries the signature lines in its body found on the Mercedes SUVs as well as a similar slope in its roofline in front. The same sleek and sporty features in its exterior could be seen in its front fascia also.

The GLT and the Navara will most likely have the same hauling power. The interior space of the two should be identical too.

Of course, the primary difference between the two will be in their engine trims. The GLT is expected to carry the inline-four and the V6 engines of Mercedes.

Moreover, the technology inside the Mercedes pickup truck is expected to mirror the ones found in the luxury automaker’s SUV models.

Lastly, the interior of the GLT will definitely carry the more luxurious standards of Mercedes.


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