Mercedes swaps crew personnel for Rosberg and Hamilton

Ryan Joseph Ramos March 18, 2016

In a move that is expected to help the team, Mercedes has swapped around several members of its drivers’ crew personnel.

Nico Rosberg for Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 at the 2016 Australian GPThere are several differences between the Silver Arrow cars this season. The decision was made by the team to swap number one mechanics for 2016. New personnel turnover also paved the way for other swaps. There are no changes to the engineering personnel, however.

Nico Rosberg praised the moves, saying that it can only help both drivers. “It’s good for the wider strength of the team to move people around and not have them become focused on a single car or driver,” said the German, who has come in second to Lewis Hamilton in each of the past two seasons.

A spokesman for the team said that the main driver was not the one who came up with the idea for the changes; this decision was not made to appease any one person (Rosberg, mainly, in this scenario). The moves are just a way for the team to keep its edge by making sure things are kept fresh.

“You don’t want people doing the same thing for 15 years,” said the spokesman.

Well, the only same thing the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team wants to do for many years is to win, and this move not only seems to have made Rosberg happy, but could be key to retaining the level of success the team has had in recent years.

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