Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept Vehicle Officially Unveiled

Peter Parcon October 29, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept Vehicle Officially Unveiled

Coming at the heels of the teaser for the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, the luxury vehicle manufacturer from Germany officially unveiled the concept vehicle online, as shown on a report from

As what we revealed earlier, the latest concept of Mercedes-Benz is essentially a minivan version of its F015 Luxury in Motion concept. The new concept vehicle is considered by the luxury vehicle manufacturer as its homage to Generation Z, which means it’s for people born starting 1995. Blue lighting highlights its massive 26-inch wheels and side skirts while a 360-degree camera is installed on its roof, which allows it to be used as an autonomous vehicle together with the numerous sensors installed on the concept vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept Vehicle Officially Unveiled

Instead of the standard windscreen, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo features a seamless stretch of glass paneling extending around its side windows. Its slim diagonal headlights takes its inspiration from the Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo concept while the lighting functions of its front fascia appear to be inspired by the Future Truck 2025 concept of the luxury vehicle manufacturer. Whenever music is played, the front grille visualizes the sound pattern.

The concept vehicle is 4.803 meters long and 2.1 meters wide. It is also 1.6 meters tall. It has door that swings upward along its left-hand side allowing access into the interior cabin. The interior cabin features a large oval-shaped couch big enough for five people. It also comes with large wraparound LCDs and 3D holograms for its entertainment system, applications and maps.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept Vehicle Officially Unveiled

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo may feature an autonomous drive system, but it is still possible to manually control it through its steering wheel. The steering wheel changes from standby mode to driver mode when the seat of the driver is moved away from the couch.

The plug-in hybrid system on the F015 Luxury in Motion concept is also used for the latest concept vehicle, which means it comes with a high-voltage battery, CFRP hydrogen tanks and electric motor for its fuel-cell system. The electric hybrid system allows it to travel a total of 980 kilometers or 609 miles with 790 kilometers or 491 miles covered by the electricity coming from its fuel cell. The remaining 190 kilometers or 118 miles is covered by the energy coming from the battery. Similar to the F015 Luxury in Motion concept, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo will simply be a concept vehicle.

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