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Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept Vehicle Officially Unveiled

Coming at the heels of the teaser for the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, the luxury vehicle manufacturer from Germany officially unveiled the concept vehicle online, as shown on a report from As what we revealed earlier, the latest concept of Mercedes-Benz is essentially a minivan version of its F015 Luxury in Motion concept. The new concept vehicle is considered by the luxury vehicle manufacturer as its homage to Generation Z, which means it’s for people born starting 1995. Blue lighting highlights its massive 26-inch wheels and side skirts while a 360-degree camera is installed on its roof, which allows it to be used as an autonomous vehicle together with the… Continue Reading »


Futuristic Mercedes-Benz Concept Vehicle Created By German Designer

Industrial engineer Matthias Böttcher created an impressive-looking futuristic Mercedes-Benz concept vehicle, as shown on a report from The 1950s 300 SL Gullwing of the German luxury vehicle manufacturer served as the inspiration for the concept vehicle, which was a requirement for his bachelor’s thesis at a design university. A scale model was also built by Böttcher to show how his concept vehicle would look like in the flesh, albeit in a smaller scale. The Sindelfingen, Germany native merged the latest design cues of the brand with the basic lines of the 300SL Gullwing for his concept vehicle, which was dubbed the SL|PURE. One notable feature of the SL|PURE is… Continue Reading »


Images Of Mysterious Mercedes-Benz Concept Vehicle Emerge

Images of a mysterious Mercedes-Benz concept vehicle at the Mercedes-Benz facility emerged recently, as indicated on an report. The emergence of the images followed an earlier announcement by the luxury vehicle manufacturer from Germany that it is set to unveil a concept car during the Consumer Electronics Show. However, it may also be possible for Mercedes-Benz to unveil the new concept vehicle during the Los Angeles Auto Show, which is scheduled to be held in the coming month. The mysterious Mercedes-Benz concept vehicle, which was covered with a tarp, appeared to have a silver body shell. It has a similar size as an S-Class while its body appears to… Continue Reading »


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