Brabus Tuned-Mercedes-Benz G63 Features Brushed Gunmetal

Peter Parcon October 29, 2015

Brabus Tuned-Mercedes-Benz G63 Features Brushed Gunmetal

The Mercedes-Benz G63 is considered as an impressive luxury SUV that raised the standard to the next level. However, with the Brabus G63, the bar was raised even higher, particularly with the model shown on a report from

The G-Class in itself is not easy to match due to its enduring design, power and solid demeanor. When these strengths are taken into account, it definitely stands out among its competition in the market. It may not offer the best technical features for its segment, but industry watchers agree that it is not easy not to fall in love with it once people get behind its wheel and drive off wherever they want to.

Brabus Tuned-Mercedes-Benz G63 Features Brushed Gunmetal

The Brabus G63 offers the best a G-Class can offer when it comes to performance since the tuning company is among the best in upgrading these types of luxury SUVs. Even if this unit comes with all the badges of Brabus, it does not show the much coveted ‘V8 Bi-turbo’ emblem, which essentially makes it the best in the market. Since this Mercedes-Benz G63 is a 2013 model, it may offer only 544 PS of power rather than the 620 PS of the ‘bi-turbo’ version of the vehicle, which also features a torque of 590 lb-ft.

But, the most notable feature of this unit is its wheels, which makes it a rather special luxury SUV. When the 2013 G63 was initially introduced by Brabus, it featured 23-inch alloy wheels. This particular model features a brand-new set of custom Brushed Gunmetal 22-inch ADV.1 wheels, which complements to overall look of the vehicle. The standard 23-inch wheels could have been used by the owner of the vehicle, but it appears that the owner was right on the button when the 22-inch ADV.1 wheels were used on the Mercedes-Benz G63 tuned by Brabus.

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