Mercedes vs VW – Which multimedia system is the best?

Muamer Hodzic April 3, 2014

Kenwood Electronics

In modern times a car wouldn’t be complete without a fully functional multimedia device. These systems are far more than a standard GPS and provide drivers and passengers with various entertainment options.

Mercedes and VW are known for producing top quality multimedia systems. However, in order to determine which one is the best, one must assess all of their tools and features.

Mercedes COMMAND

Mercedes screams class and they certainly don’t forget about presentation when they design multimedia systems. However, stylish driving doesn’t just revolve around image, it’s about quality entertainment.

The Mercedes COMMAND is the most comprehensive multimedia system that Mercedes produce. It provides full Internet access and smart phone integration while stationary; and limited options while driving to enhance road safety. Driving tools include weather services, Google maps, POI search and route downloads. The ensure drivers don’t take their hands off the steering wheel; all of the driving functions can be accessed via a voice-activated control system.

Other features include a hard disk navigation system with high-resolution 3D maps; traffic management for more efficient route planning; and automatic map updates. In the entertainment department the system comes with a 6-disk DVD changer and a 10GB hard disk for audio and video playback.

All-in-all the Mercedes COMMAND is an excellent multimedia system with a wide array of entertainment options. However, on the downside, certain online services are only available when the system is connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth.

VW Kenwood DNX521DAB

The VW Kenwood DNX521DAB isn’t directly manufactured by Volkswagen; however, it’s designed specifically for Volkswagen vehicles and is the most commonly used multimedia device that’s included with their cars.

The Kenwood DNX521DAB is one of the most compete multimedia systems on the market. It’s built with both navigation and entertainment in mind and doesn’t lack in either department. The device has a seven inch high-resolution screen, which provides a wealth of information in an easy-to-read manner.

The system accommodates smart phones and has a connection port conveniently located at the back to allow the cable to be easily stored out of the way. The voice-activation software ensures that drivers can operate everything from the track listing to their directions at all times – and it can even be used to write and send emails! In addition, it has excellent digital and local radio signal.

The only major flaw with the Kenwood DNX521DAB doesn’t lay within the device itself, but the fact that an extra cable is required for smart phone integration. These cables are by no means cheap, and without one the device cannot be used to its full potential.


The VW multimedia system is external and compatible with other vehicle manufacturers, while the Mercedes device isn’t. In addition, the COMMAND has limitations if it’s not connected to a smart phone, which could pose problems on long-term journeys if the handset runs out of battery; therefore, the Kenwood is a more functional device.


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