Wolff: F1 Rule Change Talk is Absurd

Giancarlo Perlas April 6, 2014

Wolff on F1 Rule Change

Toto Wolff recently spoke his mind about the reactions of Red Bull and Ferrari about the rule change in Formula One, particularly the matter on the fuel-flow limit. According to BBC Sport, The Mercedes Team boss said that the appeal of the two teams to further tweak the F1 rules is “absurd”, and that “rules are rules”.

He added that if there is a need to change the rules again in F1, the proper time to do that would be for next year, not while the season is already underway.

The reaction of Wolff came when Red Bull suggested that the fuel-flow limit should be ditched. On the other hand, Ferrari wanted to either increase the allowance for fuel use or shorten the races.

It should be noted that since the introduction of the new rules, mixed reactions about them have stemmed from F1 drivers, technical teams, and fans. In our earlier post, we even featured a video wherein Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton mocked the F1 rule change.

But then again, repeating what Wolff said, rules are rules. So, there’s nothing everyone can do about them right now but to adapt.

In fact, if Mercedes was able to come up with more fuel-efficient cars that have more output in terms of horsepower and torque, why should it be an issue? It is an issue only if not even one team could adapt in the rules.

Some speculate that the common motive of the two complaining teams stem from the fact that their engine manufacturers and engineers were having a hard time adjusting to the rule change in F1. Well, the F1 rule change has been in discussion since the start of the 2013 F1 season. It’s funny that they are just complaining about it now.

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