Will F1 2014 Engine Regulations Catapult Mercedes to the Lead

Giancarlo Perlas December 27, 2013

2014 Engine Regulations

Team Mercedes is hopeful that the implementation of the 2014 engine regulations will increase their chances of dominating the Formula One this coming year. Lewis Hamilton positively stated this again in a recent interview.

Early Start with the 2014 Engines

As early as the first quarter of 2013, reports have been going around the online and sporting community that Mercedes is focusing on the 2014 engines. Analysts and people inside Team Mercedes have also stated that the team has shown more focus in the development of the motors that will comply with the 2014 engine regulations of F1 than what it had in the 2013 season. Interviews with the team’s drivers and key officials have hinted such fact too.

Despite the inadequate focus on the 2013 engines of Mercedes, the team has put on a good performance in the circuit this year, mainly thanks to Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The team even scored notable F1 victories this year.

Mercedes Team in High Spirit with the 2014 Engine Regulations

According to Hamilton in his latest interview, getting the World Championship is now more feasible with the 2014 engine regulations in play. However, there are challenges seen in mastering the new technology offered by the upcoming engine.

Hamilton cleared out though that with the best teammates around him, they can easily go around the challenges when the testing and racing season starts in 2014.

Other Challenges

It should be noted that taking advantage of the 2014 engine regulations is not a guaranteed win for Mercedes as there are other issues that have been plaguing their F1 cars during the 2013 season. Among them were the tyre problems that they have been experiencing. Hamilton has also been quoted to complain a lot about the aerodynamics of his F1 car, particularly its downforce.

Is a 2014 F1 Championship Possible

Now, going back to the main question, there is a possibility for Mercedes to get the top place this coming year if it will be able to fully-capitalize on the 2014 engine regulations, keep its team spirit high and take care of the other issues related to its car.

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