Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad Helps Boost Appeal to Younger Demographic

Ryan Joseph Ramos February 9, 2013

While there have been some mixed reactions to Mercedes-Benz’s entry in this year’s slew of Super Bowl commercials, Mercedes-Benz USA chief Stephen Cannon was optimistic that the ad, along with its online teaser that featured Kate Upton, was able to draw attention from a younger demographic and thereby increase the brand’s appeal.

In particular, the aim was to highlight the brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLA, a sedan that’s geared toward a younger consumer base. This was accomplished by the Super Bowl spot that had prominent figures like Upton, Willem Dafoe, and Usher appearing in it.

“There’s a method to that madness because we’re trying to reach out to younger buyers, not just the folks who have considered Mercedes-Benz,” Cannon exclaimed. He further stated that the CLA-Class should help drive down the average buyer age of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which he said right now is around 50 years old.

Aiding viewership of the Super Bowl ad was the second-half comeback bid of the San Francisco 49ers, who were down 28-6 early in the third quarter against the eventual winner Baltimore Ravens. The 49ers got within a game-winning drive that ended in a controversial no-call late in the game. The Mercedes-Benz spot was shown during the fourth quarter.


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  1. Unfortunately, MB has decided to once again “play it safe” with the US introduction being of a four door sedan, rather than with the silver 3 door from the 2011 NYC Auto Show, or even a shooting brake. While it will probably gather some traction from its price tag, it lacks any real controversy, so it won’t gather much excitement, particularly in the form of garnering attention in the Social Media segment.


    • They are also playing it safe by not selling the A-Class. Instead, they are trying to appeal to a younger audience with a car that looks more expensive than it is. They are afraid that if they sell a hatchback, people won’t look at it as a luxury brand anymore. It’s a pity because I would love to get the new A-Class in the States.


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