Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad Helps Boost Appeal to Younger Demographic

Ryan Joseph Ramos February 9, 2013

While there have been some mixed reactions to Mercedes-Benz’s entry in this year’s slew of Super Bowl commercials, Mercedes-Benz USA chief Stephen Cannon was optimistic that the ad, along with its online teaser that featured Kate Upton, was able to draw attention from a younger demographic and thereby increase the brand’s appeal.

In particular, the aim was to highlight the brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLA, a sedan that’s geared toward a younger consumer base. This was accomplished by the Super Bowl spot that had prominent figures like Upton, Willem Dafoe, and Usher appearing in it.

“There’s a method to that madness because we’re trying to reach out to younger buyers, not just the folks who have considered Mercedes-Benz,” Cannon exclaimed. He further stated that the CLA-Class should help drive down the average buyer age of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which he said right now is around 50 years old.

Aiding viewership of the Super Bowl ad was the second-half comeback bid of the San Francisco 49ers, who were down 28-6 early in the third quarter against the eventual winner Baltimore Ravens. The 49ers got within a game-winning drive that ended in a controversial no-call late in the game. The Mercedes-Benz spot was shown during the fourth quarter.


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