Mercedes-Benz Looking to Apply Magic Sky Control to Rest of Car

Ryan Joseph Ramos April 30, 2012

Many were wowed by the ‘Magic Sky Control’ self-tinting sunroof feature of the ever-innovative SL-Class, and now Mercedes-Benz wants to apply this same technology to the other window panels in its vehicles so that drivers and passengers can shade over their windows any time they need or want to.

The basic principle behind Magic Sky Control is electricity frosting over the sunroof when a switch is hit, electronically making the transparent glass turn opaque. Many sources have already said that some officials from the automaker have confirmed working on applying this to side windows.

There are many interesting applications that could be derived from the main automatic tinting function. For example, many are speculating that this technology can be used by the car to automatically detect the amount of sunlight so that it can automatically adjust to keep the interior cool. Tinting on demand can also be very useful for celebrities who want to stay away from prying eyes—at least while they’re inside their cars.

Of course, there are still a lot of things that need to be worked on, and there is that thing about different countries having different rules and regulations when it comes to window tint.

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