Porsche Cayenne and Maybach Luxury Taxi Cabs in Moscow

Muamer Hodzic April 4, 2008

Ever since the collapse of the USSR, and recent decisions from Putin to privatize some of the state run corporations, Russia has seen more millionaires pop-up than any other county in comparison. With all that money lying around, many Ruskies are finally able to fulfill their dreams, by spending millions on mansions, cars, and jewelery. Russia’s wealth has started to finally move down to the common people. This is evident by just looking at some of the cars that the taxi drivers are hauling around. Believe it or not, Porsche Cayennes and Maybachs are being used to drive people around the town.

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  1. Well that just goes to show that money can’t buy good taste. It must have killed they Maybach engineers to hear that a customer wanted to order the world’s most luxurious car in one shade of sophisticated oxblood… and another shade of BRIGHT PINK!!

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